1060 Carbon Steel Heat Tempered Silver Katana (standard fittings)


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Heat Tempered 1060 Carbon Steel Silver Katana, Sharpened, Tsuka double pegged


1060 Carbon Steel Heat Tempered Silver Katana (Standard Fittings)

Blade: Hand forged Carbon Steel 1060
Blood Groove: on both sides
Blade Edge: sharpened
Habaki (Blade Collar) & Seppa (Spacer) Material: Brass
Tsuba (Hand Guard): Metal alloy Tsuba
Fuchi (Handle Collar) and Kashira (Handle Buttcap): metal alloy
Tsuka (Handle): white ray skin with ornament menuki
Tang: Full tang with 2 Mekugi pegs
Saya (scabbard): silver hardwood saya

Blade Length: 72cm
Handle Length: 27cm
Approximate Weight: 1.45 KG
Blade Width: 3.2cm
Blade Thickness: 0.76cm

1060 Carbon Steel Katana

This Katana was hand forged from 1060 carbon steel it is made of all authentic accessories of a Japanese sword; from the skin of the handle to the Saya and its various components.

Dyed white and grey from handle to scabbard this sword distills purity in all its forms; a sword that a samurai faithful to bushido would have loved to wield, and show off. Its semi-square Tsuba with engravings of aquatic animals also gives it an aspect of rigidity that presents its wearer as someone severe but tranquil.

The blade also comes with a Blood Groove that not only makes it lighter but gives a great balance when it comes to wielding it and has some post-forged undulations along the edge known as Etched Hamon. (authentic hamon can be found on our clay tempered blades)


It comes by default with a Niku sharpening, but when you order it you can ask for an Ultra sharp blade, or if you prefer it not sharp for practice, you may do so during checkout.

The Saya and Fittings

The Saya is made of hardwood with a silver design and was decorated with a white Sageo wrapped around the Kurikata.

The handle of this katana is composed of a wooden core Tsuka covered with genuine white ray skin Samegawa which provides a firm grip and prevents the sword from slipping, decorated with two ornamental Menuki and wrapped in a white Ito wrap, together with the above features, gives it an almost heavenly appearance.

Finally, halfway between the blade and the handle is a gold-colored Habaki that combines elegantly with the brass handguard.

If you would like to make some changes to the sword, you can create your own unique custom sword here.

Samurai Katana Sword

This Katana was hand forged and crafted authentically in all aspects of its creation. All the fittings and parts are genuine material. The blade has great balance. It is completely functional and can be completely disassembled for full maintenance.

Blade: The blade of the sword has been hand made with High Carbon Steel. The Carbon has been hammered throughout the blade so that it has a universal hardness throughout the entire blade. A bloodline has been added to the top of the blades to decrease the weight of the blades and give audible feedback when swung. The blade also features a kissake, hamon, and comes with a thin edge already sharpened. The sword is full tang, fully functional, and sharp. It can be used for drills, practice or test cutting.

Saya (scabbard): The Saya has been constructed from hardwood with a silver grey lacquered finish. A white Sageo has been tied around the bright copper Kurigata.

Tsuba (hand guard): The Habaki is a one piece brass construction over a brass Seppa. The Tsuba has been constructed of metal with a Japanese fish-tail design. An additional Seppa rests behind the Tsuba to secure the tang of the sword in the Tsuka.

Tsuka (handle): The Tsuka core is wooden with white ray skin samegawa. A white Ito is wrapped over the Samegawa. Two bamboo Mekugi secure the tang in the Tsuka. The Menuki, Fuchi and Kashira are all made from metal and match the design of the Tsuba.

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