5 Things We Learned From The Last Samurai

5 Things We Learned From The Last Samurai   The Last Samurai is one of the most relevant samurai films in Western culture. Although its idealization of the samurai class is currently being questioned, as is the fact that the plot revolves around an American… There is no doubt that it has contributed to bringing […]

What Miyamoto Musashi Can Teach You About Confrontation

Miyamoto Musashi & Confrontation   Miyamoto Musashi practically needs no introduction. He is possibly the most famous swordsman in Japanese history, and one of the most famous worldwide. During his lifetime, Musashi won about 60 duels without losing once. His legend became known throughout Japan, with many samurai wanting to follow in his footsteps. So […]

This is What a SUPER SHARP Katana Can Do

This is What a SUPER SHARP Katana Can Do   If you want to know what a very sharp katana can do, you’re in the right place. The katana is one of the most famous swords in the world. Resistant and lethal; its fame precedes it as one of the sharpest weapons. But is it […]

We Compared Famous Western & Japanese Swords

We Compared Famous Western & Japanese Swords   For today’s post we decided to take a look at famous medieval swords, both Western and Japanese. On both sides of the world there have been really significant swords. Weapons that are easily recognizable not only by their appearance, but by what they mean. Note: We’re not […]

What Aikido Can Teach You about Life

What Aikido Can Teach You about Life Aikido is one of the most original and current Japanese martial arts. Its fame in the West is due to some very prestigious schools, as well as to some renowned people who have adapted it to the big screen. One of the innovations introduced by Aikido is the […]

Being a Samurai in the Medieval Period

Being a Samurai Samurai means “one who serves”. It refers to the members of a Japanese warrior class. They were noblemen assigned to protect the Imperial Court. With a Shogun or a Daimyo employing them, they followed a strict moral code. This code defined their behavior and clothing. However, education set them apart from most […]

The Science of Sword Cuts

The Science of Sword Cuts Cut and thrust. Those two moves are the quintessence of any sword fight. There will be many swords, techniques, and schools of fencing. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to those two. Cut and thrust. The lunge is simpler. You move your arm forward and […]

The Breathtaking Japanese Dragon (with paintings)

The Japanese Dragon   Japanese Dragon have appeared in the mythology since immemorial times. They are fascinating creatures with a much larger background than Western books and films often show. Asian dragons are closer to the figure of the gods. They are not simply beasts, but their powers and dimensions elevate some of them to […]

Top 10 Samurai Books You Should Read Before You Die

Top 10 Samurai Books Although what we receive most on social networks about katanas are queries about our swords, from time to time a very specific request pops up: “Do you have recommendations for samurai books?” It’s always a compliment to be asked this question, so we can have a good time giving recommendations of […]