Anegawa Battle: The Samurai Bloodbath

Anegawa Battle The Battle of Anegawa is one of the biggest bloodbaths of the Samurai in the history of Japan. It occurred in the year 1570, during the latter part of the Sengoku period. It consisted of 48,000 troops who fought against one another in the River of Ane. The battle took place between two […]

Ichi-no-Tani Battle: The Fall of the Fortress

Ichi-no-Tani Battle The Ichi-no-Tani battle was one of the highlights of the Genpei war in the 12th century of Japan’s medieval period. And was a very momentous event for the Minamoto clan. This was a big victory of the Minamoto clan over the long-reigning Taira clan that brought about many other victories, causing the eventual […]

The Toyotomi Clan – The Loyal Vassal of Lords

The Toyotomi Clan Toyotomi Hideyoshi was a Daimyo from the Toyotomi clan which played a vital role in Japan’s history. Yet only a few of them were greatly significant such as him. He was the second of three warlords who successfully united a divided country. Aside from uniting a country, he led the nation in […]

Unknown Japanese Weapons in the Absence of Swords

Japanese Samurai Weapons There were instances where Samurai swords were not considered ideal to complete a task; thus, other weapons are used to achieve victory in battles. With that, the Chonin and Samurai classes of feudal Japan made use of improvised and alternative weapons. This was to adequately defend themselves in unpredictable situations. These warriors were […]

The Sengoku Period – Era of Significance and Prominence

The Sengoku Period Among the most prominent periods of Japan’s history was the Sengoku period. It was a time in the country’s history that was significantly notable due to social upheavals, close consistent military rivalries, clashing of swords, and political intrigues. The Sengoku period was a century-long era of continuous political upheaval in Japan. It […]

Rise of the Ashikaga Shogunate – Ultimate Rule and Power

Rise of the Ashikaga Shogunate The Ashikaga Shogunate ruled in the years 1336 to 1573, as feudal government run by the Ashikaga clan. The Shoguns were considered as the de facto rulers of the country, making the Emperor’s authority quite insignificant. He was within imperial isolation as an admired figure, but all governance was delegated […]

The Heian Period Golden Age: 794-1185 A.D

Japan Heian Period Japan has gone through numerous historical periods and one of these early eras include the Heian Period which covers the years 794 to 1185 CE. It was the time when the country’s culture flourished greatly, mainly on literature and art. The government and its administration were ruled by the Fujiwara clan. Though […]