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Custom Katana – Samurai Swords and Katanas for Sale

Sharp and exceptionally tough these are just two of the qualities that Untitled-3Katana is best known for. The Katana is a curved and single edged blade used by the Samurai warrior. During fights this longer blade katana sword is paired with tanto or wakizashi which are shorter versions of blades. These are what you use if you are a member of the Japanese warrior class. History shows that the blade smiting process developed in Japan have resulted to forging this traditional bladed weapon. Japanese blades are forged with different profiles, blades and thicknesses. What is so special about Katana? It is actually the damascene process of which these carbon steel Katana are forged that makes it special than the average steel of blade. The process of creating this type of weapon is special because it has the best of both worlds. On one hand you get the high carbon steel which is razor sharp but, inflexible while on the same note you get the softer lower carbon steel which is flexible. When these two are merged together the result is of course is this custom Katana that can bend but, will not break. Just as the bamboo looks delicate and yet that flexible the same thing can be said about this Full tang Katana. Good blades are fine grained and has the finger print like patterns because of the multiple folds made by the craftsman during the forging process. The result is a saber that is both light and balanced. It has the right amount of curve to allow the force of the blow to concentrate on the small part of the blade so that they you can still use them up as a stabbing weapon. Whether you are a collector or a practitioner if you are looking for a custom made Katana that is more than just a decorative piece you have come to the right place. www.katanasforsale.com offers you all kinds of blade that are both functional and ready for use. This site offers you more than just ordinary Gifts for men. Although it would be a great idea to give these carbon steel Katana as Groomsmen gifts these are more than just awesome backyard cutters. The finest craftsman hand forged these swords from traditional carbon steel to come up with a work of art. You are guaranteed that all of these are Full Tang Katana. We used different kinds of steel like 1060 Carbon Steel, 1095 carbon steel, T10 steel and 9260 spring steel. To ensure that you will get what you desire we offer both the choosing of clay tempered katana hamon, folded steel or not folded steel, custom made Katana.

Custom Katana

Authentic Japanese make your own Katana also referred to as Nihonto usually carries such a high price tag. At the end of the day, it is usually close to impossible to buy Nihonto on a shoe string budget. Most of the prices offered for these special Gifts for men like you probably know are usually offered by thousands of dollars however, at our katanas for sale shop you don’t have to spend that much on a custom made blade. There are overwhelming majority of cheap Japanese style blades and there are those like our real Katana swords, all of our swords are Full Tang, and depending on the steel type that uses clay tempered steel with amazing Dojo quality materials. The problem with most Katana for sale is that those are cheap shirtless young man posing with katana swordJapanese style. Blades sold online have some that are sharp and functional however, it is not the sharpness alone that makes a blade a blade. It is in how the blade can bend and avoid being snapped into two when the first strike is made. There is really nothing wrong about buying a nice looking Samurai set that you can display over the mantelpiece of that can make a good addition to the gifts that you are planning to give to your closest buddies however, these are not authentic highly collectible swords. we come up with good pieces that even can grace the museum. If you are planning to give this as a start to the beginning of a good collection the person whom you give it as a gift will not grow disappointed (Especially if it yourself). He might even ask you where you order it so that the next time around he will do the same to collect more. It is a true fact that most of our clients simply can’t get enough, It is how impressive the make your own Katana section of the site is. Think owning a personalized black blade Katana of your own according to your preference and taste and that is exactly what you will get. Here is a simple guide on what to look for in a Katana. From this list you can build and add your own as you go along before you finally make a decision on what kind of blade it is that you wish to purchase.

  • Choose a katana with Full Tang blade. (All of our katanas and other samurai swords are full tang)
  • Made from folded carbon steel and preferably clay tempered – Not stainless steel
  • Ideally it must weigh less than 3 lbs.
  • Choose a blade that will serve its specific purpose which is something that you can use for practice, demonstration, competition or even combat
  • It must be an object that speaks of purity and perfection; exuding spirituality
  • Symbol of the modern day fighter

The Best Gifts for Men

Katana made in the early part of the Muromachi period were worn blade up. This covers 1392 until 1573. Due to the changing style and need for a weapon the sword longer than 60.6 cm is considered to be a Katana. Sword fights in movies tend to be dramatically slow to give emphasis to the action however, in real life the duel can be over in an instant just like that especially since these large knives are sharpened to kill. However, present day men do not engage in such a battle. You might even think of purchasing several of this not just as gift for yourself but, as Groomsmen gifts especially if the wedding day is close by. These are ideal gifts for men not just for beautiful long hair brunette holding katana weapon, studio shotyourself but, for your groom as well who are closest to you. If you want to give them as a symbol of your friendship this would be the ideal time to do so. The best way to go about it is by ordering these personalized handmade custom Katana. You can inquire from us how long it will take for our craftsmen to build you or for your buddies any of this carbon steel Katana. (Normally it takes us a week for standard blade length, if you require a unique length of blade, it will take longer than that) If you plan to use this custom Katana for your cutting exercises, the highest carbon content is 1095 which is the best you can get because of its high carbon steel content. Medium carbon range is from 1045 to 1065 which the 1060 offered by this seller falls under. T10 is a harder steel and is very similar to 1095 however, T10 contains tungsten properties and is said to be categorized as clay tempered Katana. The kind that has silicon alloy that has significant increased fatigue resistance when compared to standard carbon steel is definitely 9260. The 2 percent silicon changes the behavior of the steel use for these blades. This is highly durable and for most dojo applications these are extremely resistant to bending and failures. At the same time this contains 0.6 percent carbon that makes this sturdy enough yet at the same time it can resist dangerous chips on rigid targets.

Groomsmen Gifts

Are you or one of your friends about to get married? Choosing one sword for the groom or each of your groomsmen will be a good idea. Find high end carbon steel Katana swords from our online store or make a custom katana all of these at competitive prices. It is seldom seen for an online store offering a large selection of great gifts for men. You can pick any choice from our site’s huge selection which will insure a unique gift for any men. To start off, choose the blade length that will perfectly fit your hands. By the way, you can choose from the different standard samurai swords type which includes: Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto, Naginata, Ninjato and Nodachi, alternatively if you want to purchase a certain blade length, you can simply contact us. These are dojo tested tough to assure you that these will last even if you continue to use it. Since these swords shall be handcrafted you can expect to get what you ordered. In the production process of these swords we keep attention to details. we treat each one of your orders personally so that you are assured that your Katana is not just an ordinary sword but, something special. If you want to push it to the next level and would love to see your artistic interpretation translated into one of these customized works of art you can actually design your unique Katana. You can simply choose each and every part from the catalog to make it easier to build your very own personally configured Katana forged according to your specifications. If you have a specific time frame please note that for custom made orders it takes us about a week until we build your sword and ship it. We are asking for an advanced payment once the forge starts to work. You are assured that when this product is finally made it will be at par with your expectations and even exceed them. Our craftsman aims to please so that you are assured that what you order is no ordinary custom made Katana but a unique personalized artistic weapon, and probably the best gifts for men.

Custom Made Katana

It is an enjoyable process for a master craftsman to interpret and build any of those samurai swords Gifts for men. It can be said that these would be a good option to choose when thinking about giving Groomsmen gifts. Each Katana lets you witness modern life meeting tradition in its literal sense. The rich blend in elements from former years and modern day craftsman is clearly visible in each of these custom Katana. The great news is that the tsuba which serves as guard, menuki that grips the silk on the hilt can still be sourced from previous materials from long ago. The saya or scabbard shall be crafted from scratch keeping faithful to the exact dimensions of the sword by modern day artisans with the use of traditional techniques. It is a rewarding project when you can stamp your own personality to these carbon steel Katana.

Full Tang Katana

Full Tang Katana For any sword enthusiasts like you making the decision to choose full tang is certainly a must, and it means a lot of things. Most of the time being full tang does not always mean expensive. What are the advantages found in using a custom Katana made like this? – Allows increase force leveraged through the handle against the resistance of material cut by the blade. This is actually an advantage because it can be used in harder materials and protects the blade in case it becomes dull in the future – Increases the amount of stock metal in the handle part. This will allow when you have plans of altering the balance point of the tool since the blade of the sword can be at times heavy on the handle – Custom Katana like this that is intended for a specific purpose will usually incorporate whichever design it is most suited for – Strongest method of tang construction because it can resist bending. Can be quite strong when well-constructed – Has great visual appeal

Folded Steel Katana

1060 High Carbon Folded Steel Samurai Sword In keeping up with the traditional steps of sword smiting, this carbon steel Katana enables you to get a piece of the Japanese warrior cast. These swords fits your preference perfectly. Whether you choose more quality steel versions it is up for you to decide. If in case you change your mind and decide to order a folded steel blade that has a clay tempered hamon that can be the ultimate choice you can do. It is how the blade was forged that makes a folded steel the strongest. The folded steel is produce by successively working on the steel using both hot and cold process to come up with a fine grain type of blade. This makes the final product uniform in terms of microstructure. In terms of properties, these Japanese Katana were not really made of just one piece of material alone. Laminations were used to incorporate and bring out the best from these carbon steel Katana. The folding process evenly distributes while at the same time controls the amount of carbon that goes into the outer blade. This process actually removes pockets of impurities in the blade. This makes the blade strong so that it will not break. Of course this steel is folded over and over again until the smith believes that the folding process is adequate enough to build the carbon steel Katana that you purchase. This is one of the reasons why this is a good Gifts for men option. These blades offer superb fittings. If you are not sure which kind of sword to go for you can count on us to answer your queries. By the time that you finally make a choice you are assured that you will get the right Groomsmen gifts. Whether you are buying it for yourself, or making these as post wedding gifts or just a souvenir to remind your friends about your lasting friendship you have find the right Gifts for men.

Clay Tempered Katana

1095 Clay Tempered Samurai Sword Set 002 We offer you 1095 carbon steel Katana and T10 Tool Steel Katana. Those ones can be clay tempered swords. Clay tempering as a process uses the same theory as those found on traditional heat tempering, however, in this case the clay casing for the blades improves the uniformity of the heat passing through the blades. At the same time this provides a carbon source to harden the carbon steel Katana. The clay casing serves to insulate the blade so as the insulation is heated and transmits heat into the blade. Instead of having the blade heated bare in this case the heat is spread uniformly down the length of the blade. The clay allows the edge to cool quicker to produce a harder edge. Check out the processes that these blades came under during its treatment process. A common rule of thumb is the price. For custom Katana sold at a very cheap price generally this means that the steel used is very soft. The idiomatic expression that you get what you pay for applies here. However, this is different for swords that are offered at an affordable price. Another thing to consider is that real steel is harder to polish when compared to a cheaper steel. On the other hand if you are offered by other sellers a steel that is easy to polish this means the steel used contains low carbon or is not tempered correctly. Suffice to say that well-tempered high carbon steel Katana will cost more because of the longer process of making it. A good way to test a sword’s sharpness is through the paper test where the sword shall be used to cut the paper.

Katana Sword Guard (Tsuba)

tsuba Apart from being a deadly weapon these custom Katana are considered as a work of art. During the olden days the tsuba was also used to exhibits the swordsmen prosperity and stature. The tsuba serves as guard around the handle of the sword. For those who are a bit confuse as to where to find this, it is located where the blade starts and the handles end. This keeps the sword in balance while it protects you from having your hand cut in the blade. There are instances when this means the difference between your life and death because it blocks the incoming slash from your opponent’s sword. There was a period when the Japanese empire was peaceful this was referred to as the Edo period which lasted from 1603 to 1868. Peace was reflected as well in the type of sword that were created by craftsman. These were generally use for purposes of display. Design during that time even used softer metal like gold. These were displayed in court whenever a samurai and his lord shows up. There are actually two basic types of tsuba:

  • Tetsu which is made of iron
  • Kinko uses softer metals like copper, alloy, gold and silver

Katana Handle Wrap (Ito Sageo Wrap)

Handle Wrap Are you thinking of which Katana wrap to use for your handle? The Japanese term use for wrapping your handle is tsukamaki. You can look for tutorials online about how to do Katana wrap the traditional way or another option is to specify what you need and let us do it for you. Sageo is actually a tying method which is in itself may look like another one of those leaning how to tie a knot but, this goes beyond that. The sageo can be made with cord, leather or silk. There are cases when this is made of a different material than those previously mentioned here. There are different ways to Katana wrap your sword. The Shigeuchi style might be beautiful to look at but, can cause frays quicker. If you are somebody who is practical you can chose the functional leather sageo. This is both beautiful and resistant to wear and tear and more practical. It is in good taste if you choose a sageo color that matches your tsuka ito color. For formal occasions wearing a sageo that matches the color of dojo’s mon is a good idea. There are actually several ways to tie the sageo on the saya for day to day or something that you can use during special ceremonies.

Fuchi Kashira

Fuchi Kashira Fuchi Kashira are actually two words which refers to ornamental fittings attach to the hilt of the Japanese swords. In some sets this comes with a Kojiri which is an end cap for the scabbard. The fuchi fits over the edge of the hilt and the kashira fits around the hilt close behind the tsuba. In this case, we offer you something traditional for such a sword that deserves respect. Handmade copies of museum quality fuchi and kashira come from Japan and the United States. Most of these are created using High quality copper however, in some instances these are made from any of these materials: iron, alloy or superb quality copper art works. Katanas for sale site caters to custom made Katana not just the sword alone but, the ornaments that go with it. These are truly worth giving as Gifts for men especially those that are closest to you. Knowing that even the tiniest part and every inch of this Groomsmen gifts were custom made makes all the difference. These are works of art in itself that are made by top notch craftsman. This maker has seen to it that all bases and every inch of this heroic sword are covered.  These are proof of super fine workmanship showing metal work at its highest level. If you would look closely at the details that goes into these you can appreciate the exquisite appearance that goes into each of this Fuchi and Kashira. check out katanas for sale and custom katana selection of fuchi kashira.


menuki Menuki are referred to as handle ornaments. However, just as anything associated with this custom made Katana not everything is as it seems. This part defines the character of the sword and its owner. In his case the owner is you. These are usually sold in pairs and are place on each side of the tsuka. At first glance this looks like something that a Geisha will adorn her hair with. However, it is clear that once these are attach to the swords these gives emphasis to the sword. For practical purposes the menuki is created to help you get a better grip of the tsuka since this fills the gap in the palm of the hands. Some schools do emphasize that its purpose is to ensure that the hand is properly placed. By the way this fits the palms properly to hide the mekugi. This is a peg that bolts the tsuka to the Nakao. You can actually make plans to have this part designed with a specific theme in mind like dragons or something similar to this. Let your creative juices flow and let these charms decorate your carbon steel Katana we offer a large selection of high quality menuki. There are instances that these are made from precious metals if that is what you prefer. katanas for sale offers a large selection of menuki from different qualities.


saya The saya is a scabbard made out of traditionally lacquered wood. It is what protects the Katana when it is not in use. It is a skill if you can manage to remove the blade from this scabbard without hurting yourself of damaging the saya. However, you need to perform certain moves to be able to do this. Even the fluid and graceful movement of returning the saya back is known as lai do. Ninjas are known to use longer sayas so that they can use the excess space to store blinding powders. There are versions of the saya with a removable bottom that can double up as snorkel. These can even be used as secret storage for darts. A good manufacturer like us can make sure that your sword can fit into the saya perfectly.


Samegawa The samegawa is that stingray skin fitted into the blade. The Japanese feudal warrior used the shark skin on the hilt of the custom Katana for several reasons. Using samegawa provides a nonslip grip even if it was soak in blood. It was also a symbol of strength. Craftsman uses shark hide or stingray, dry and curl it to dry up in the sun. After this they place it in a contained that contains distilled water, salt and borax. The skin is removed and scrape from any tissue and membrane. Using heavy duty brushes removes all the guck. These cleaned skin is soaked in containers using high strength Hydro Peroxide to remove the dirt until the skin becomes skin white. This is better known as rawhide. The goal is to this thin and smooth to touch. Later on these are cut into strips to the width for which it will fit the handle.


habaki Habaki is a custom made wedged shaped metal collar that will keep the sword from falling out of its scabbard or saya. Once the carbon blade Katana is rough polish that’s the ideal time to create a blade collar by forging and shaping a Habaki. The process of forging is not as simple as it may seems. It is actually a complicated process like that of making a piece of beautiful jewelry. There are three purposes behind the use of a metal collar like this and these are:

  • Secure the blade in the scabbard this shifts the pressure for the blade
  • Acts as a solid shoulder to mount the handle and guard
  • Provides transition from tang to blade
  • Prevents the sword from falling out of the scabbard
  • Supports the fuchi, kashira and menuki

A standard metal collar like this is made of two parts: jacket and machigane. This metal collar is form by forging these two parts together with the help of forging or soldering. Once this metal collar is fitted the carbon steel Katana blade is ready for a handle. This metal collar is made of brass or iron. This makes the sword firm and sturdy at the same time.

Sword Engraving

Sword engraving There was a time in prehistoric times when engraving was made on the caves of the walls. Later on it gravitated towards pottery. Centuries past and these were interpreted through different medium. Engraving just like painting is considered as amazing gifts for men. Every inch of the custom Katana are evidence of beautiful craftsmanship. These Groomsmen gifts are heat tempered and carbon steel constructed following the Japanese tradition. You can even ask us to have your family name engrave on it before you give it as a gift. In this case, sword engraving was elevated to an art form. The sword produce by these artisans for you. You can also ask for signatures and dedications written in Japanese Kanji or Chinese characters. If you feel that you closely identify with sword engraving you can choose it as one of the options and the craftsman will do this for you. Since the master smith is working on these custom made Katana you are assured that you are getting the better part of the deal. You have the highest quality sword provider in this side of town. Who understands you better than these guys that work for Katanas for Sale? They are serving martial arts communities and collectors like you wherever you are and in any part of the world. Feel free to browse our huge collection of swords to fit your fancy. The art of sword engraving owes its origin to its success of showing forth a work of art even in a former weapon use in warfare. Engraving has managed to put thoughts into the material use to express this art work. Think of the sword as the craftsman canvass. Imagine owning a piece of the artist soul captured in each sword. This is what you will get when you purchase any swords from this site. The artist as a master craftsman puts his seal into it but, it is actually your style as interpreted through his art work.

custom made swords


seppa Seppa are washers positioned above and below the tsuba that tightens the fittings. Some describes this as the spacers that hold the tsuba on each side. This simply means that a single custom Katana has two Seppas. The common materials use for these can be any of these: bronze, brass and copper. To make a custom made Katana this can be designed specifically with the mark of the maker. This actually adds a sort of distinction that will make your Groomsmen gifts unique. These do come in different styles and colors. These must be polished and fit well to ensure that the tsuba will not loosen or the handle will remain as is.

Black Blade Katana

black blade katana There are blades and there are extraordinary blades. This is what you will get as Groomsmen gifts for your best friends. You have made the choice by picking the right materials that you can give as Gifts for men. Can you think of the possibilities of what these craftsman will come up with? The only thing that will limit your choice is your imagination. If in case you find it difficult to interpret the vision of what you want these Groomsmen gifts to be you can just consult their craftsman to extend what you expect to see in the Katana that he will build for you. Do you feel to order something incredible along these line of Katana, make a black blade katana or a red blade katana. At lost because of the wide range of choices? Let this maker do the hard work for you. Sit back and wait until such time that our craftsman comes up with the perfect Katana for you. Is your heart’s desire a truly smart looking black blade? You can own this by ordering your very own custom made blade. If you think that all blades are created equal it is not the case. A real Katana has a different kind of grind and has no secondary grind at all. You can even run your fingers across the edge and not feel anything at all but, avoid putting even just a tiny amount of pressure because you might even get cut to the bone and only realize this before it is too late. It is the geometry of the blade that makes this razor sharp than the average knife. These black blade is dubbed as a stealth nightingale if only sword can sing. Have you ever dream of making your martial art moves holding this Katana in your hand? Think of that dashing picture you will make with it. You might even look like a version of a samurai warrior or a ninja. This is not a blade from outer space though but is a blade forge in heat to make it stronger. This is not made of meteorite though so there is no toying by cutting rocks with it just to test its cutting ability. Are these giving you somehow an idea of what kind of Katana you wish to collect? we allow you to customize and there can be no two swords that are exactly the same unless of course you ordered for identical pairs to give to your close ones. Remember that the process of selecting your blade is the very first step that you need to take in building your customized Katana. Choose the blade material that you wish to use for this specific project. Later you can actually make a choice as to what kind of blade color you wish to have. (we are using electroplating process) you also need to choose which saya, tsuka ito, fuchi kashira, menuki and tsuba you wish to see in the sword that you have in mind. If you want to order duplicates for your friends with a bit of twist you can do so. Don’t forget to be specific as much as possible so that you will get the sword that you have your eyes on. The challenge is on to make this a special kind of sword that holds significance on your part. After all, it is our goal as artisans to make you happy and satisfied with what they come up with.

Make Your Own Custom Katana

You can start now in making a choice on what type of custom Katana you wish to purchase. Our recommendation for you for a higher quality blade is a modern version of the antique Japanese blades  and those are the clay tempered Katana which has undergone such distinctive processes which are basically folded and laminated to give you the best swords in this side of the planet. Most of these are folded several times which can create impressive layers. Our process is actually the traditional way of creating a warrior’s sword like this. However, some experts say that the lamination process contributes to the physical characteristics that make up an authentic Samurai sword like this. As a rule of thumb, the more complicated the techniques employed during the process of making the sword the more valuable the sword it will be. Suffice it to say that these custom made Katana is a unique work of art where the craftsman’s love for what they are doing are clearly seen in each of the swords that you will order. The amount of detail that goes into each of these custom made Katana is astounding. This is truly the best Groomsmen gifts that you can ever give your best buddies. Since each custom katana has its unique personality based on the one who will own it, our team of craftsmen that makes these have perfected this ideal Gifts for men. The team behind Katana for Sale have ensure that you are getting not just an ordinary make your own Katana but, something that you will treasure to own for the rest of your life and that of your friends lives as well. Don’t you think that it is worth investing into? After all this symbolizes a prized possession that the average guy do not own. This highly valued blade will essentially live forever. It can even be passed on to the next generation. The Samurai warrior thinks that this sword is an extension of his soul if not his soul. That is how highly revered this Katana is especially to those that admire the technical excellence and other qualities that makes this Katana special. You can experience the same if you decide which one you want to collect first. With such a large array of special blades it is not surprising that you might even think of adding more and start collecting them to grow your personal collection. For the new breed of warriors, these Katana is a fitting blade to complement you and your lifestyle.

Click here to start making your custom katana