Black Blade Katana

Black Blade Katana

Legends tell about legendary powers of the Black Blade Katana . It is a fairy tale suggesting that the black blade is made of a super material that comes from outside the earth and it has the power of casting enchantments up on the carrier or the one it hits. The reality is that s are made of the several Steel materials commonly used for Katanas forging but at particular steps, the process is slightly modified to obtain the beautiful Black color of the blade. The Hamon, the Blood groove, the Tang morphology, the curve and all the Blade features obey the same traditions as the other swords.

Black Blade Katanas: Mythology

Being of tenebrous color, the black blade Katana is considered as enchanted tool that the carrier is whether a devilish man or a super hero.  is said to be made of material coming from outside Earth, some kind of black steel that gives the sword super power. The making of this legendary material is said to carry the will of its owner.

Comics always use to refer to enchanted weapons that give the carrier powers that surpass regular human and even can defeat Spirits and Demons. Some fairy tale give the the ability to be as Talisman with which the Character is able to command over ghosts zombies.

black blade katana

Black Blade Materials:

Actually, all materials used to forge Katana used to forge s, and they keep their known attributes. The issued Katanas inherit the hardness, durability and the determinant properties when choosing the material, certainly according the purposes of the demanders: whether the Katana is to be used in casual or frequent cutting sessions, for Tatami roll or backyard
cutting, for displays or just for decorative purposes. The black color is acquired after a specific treatment applied on the blade surface; though, as in regular Swords, there are some differences in the suitable methods to use to blacken the blade made of each material. Though there are some chinese swords for salesteel types which are more preferred such very high carbon steel, stainless steel and mix steel.

Making Black Blade Katana:

  • Traditional method: Japanese Sword making has developed some process based on Heat treatment which will induce the Katana’s Blade to turn black. Some other genius methods were developed but the traditional one is the most trusted. The process consists in leaving the forge scale on after heat treatment. The forge scale will form layers. With repetitive heat treatment the forge scale layers will mix with the Steel. Polishing the blade will bring the blade acquires the dark appearance. There is another process that can create the Black colored coat on the blade: it is heat treating the blade carelessly of the oil film that the blade will retrieve during the quenching operation. The processes are to be done with precaution and at very particular temperatures. These operations are suitable for Steel that stands high temperatures and are resistant to heat treatment, notably Spring Steels and High Carbon Steel. s obtained this way have a slight tendency to show a red dark black blade to black color.
  • Industrial method: This method consists in coating the blade with Titanium; this operation does not give the blade the stainless properties but it gives it a very beautiful black color that will glow when exposed to light. The process is known by “Titanium adsorption”. The treatment with Titanium is to be done on polished and sharpened blade, because of the susceptibility of the Titanium coat to corrosion. It is important to notice that Titanium Coating is heat sensitive; the steel types which allow the application of the titanium coat are perhaps all the steel types used in Sword making. Though it is not a suitable material for making swords, Titanium is employed to enhance the resistance to corrosion and to give the blade the legendry attributes of a legendary black blade katana but in real world.

Black Blade Katana Carbon Electroplating

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Titanium Material:

There are some Sword smiths who achieve making Katana from Titanium. Actually, this material is not the best choice and it is so far good for making functional Swords. Actually Titanium can’t hold edges and can’t stand Heat treatment but the element is used to coat blades in a complex form and give them the dark shining look. Therefore, it is not impossible japanese Tantoto make sword from Titanium but the process is not worth the efforts and the money.

Black Blade Katana Coating:

There are some steps to make to coat the blade with Titanium complex. The process is done better at medium temperatures which are stood by almost all the materials used in sword making because Titanium does not exhibit resistance to Heat treatment. Because coats protect blades from corrosion, they are susceptible to it.  Every sword maker has his private method of coating blades with titanium complex to obtain a resistant coat to corrosion with a great and beautiful dark black look that would not alter the sharpness of the blade but may add a certain value to the price.

Black Blade Katana Mounting:

Black Blade Katana request implicates that the pieces to mount are to choose carefully and with fine attention. According to the Hamon type of the original blade, the Titanium coating is to operate in order to preserve it. It is even possible to give the Hamon another appearance with different color. The advantage is that the Hamon can be very distinguished because of the contrast that may make the overall dark color of the spine with the edge and the edge meat. Polishing can be operated after the coating process but it has to be conducted by high proficient smith.

Tsuka is preferably to be made of polished hard wood, with red ray skin, coated with black wrap to ensure the continuity of the red – black blade. The sword should be full tang. It is recommended that Saya is chosen of a dark color. The physical properties of the different item to mount on the blade are to choose according the Steel type used to make the blade.

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