Our Path

In addition to unconditional love for the beautiful craftsmanship of Japanese swords, we firmly believe in the values of hard work, honor, and respect that have moved Japanese society for hundreds of years. If anything, we are motivated by our desire to contribute by keeping the spark of samurai culture alive.

Our Swords

We do not see our Samurai swords only as very sharp steel, but as an extension of the warrior who wields them. And as such, we believe that each sword should be as unique as its bearer.

At katanasforsale we want you to get a sword that is perfect for you; that not only is capable of cutting with the precision of a scalpel but also allows you to say “this represents me.”

We seek to achieve this through two unique features. First, our one of a kind online 3D sword customizer, with which you can assemble and see in real-time what the Samurai sword of your dreams looks like. Second, we offer one of the largest online catalogs, filled with Japanese swords with unique designs and features.

What do we believe in?

For us, Bushido is much more than a code— it is part of our culture. Each of the 7 virtues acquires a new meaning for us.

Gi – Rectitude

The samurai lived in the belief that there were only two truths; right and wrong. We move on by always chasing the first one. We believe that honest work is one of the cornerstones of samurai discipline and that there is only one right way to do things.

Our phrase is “if you’re going to do it, do it right”. That’s why all our swords are 100% functional and battle-ready: with full tang, high-quality steel, and well-assembled parts. For us, that’s the right way to do things.

Yuuki – Courage

It takes courage to draw your sword knowing that those could be the last moments of your life. It’s risky. It’s deadly. However, we believe it is always better to draw the sword than to bow your head.

We first drew the sword years ago, when katanasforsale was just beginning. And we have not sheathed it since. We continue to fight every day to share the samurai culture.

We believe that information about such an important culture should be free and accessible to all. That’s why we are dedicated to sharing it in an entertaining way in our blog.

Jin – Benevolence

Benevolence is about appreciating the people around us. We believe in a samurai empathy for others; both professionally and personally. It is not an occasional attitude, but a way of life based on an understanding that each person is unique. And that, therefore, each person deserves a unique treat.

We want to offer you the best possible experience, that’s why we created the ultimate guide for Samurai swords, and we answer all your questions in a personal way; without bots or pre-recorded answers. We are here to help you.

Rei – Respect

One of the most visible values of the samurai was respect. They were humble warriors with strong roots in tradition, who never spoke to an elder, superior, or member of royalty unless they did so with due respect and following proper protocol. At katanasforsale we seek to emulate that same respect.

Respect for any client. Respect for the materials that create an excellent sword. The respect of a samurai for everything around him.

Meiyo – Honor

Living and dying with honor was a fundamental thing for a samurai. To suffer dishonor was unthinkable; so much so that sometimes it was something that could only be remedied by death.

We are aware that we are what we forge. Our blades are a representation of us, and there is no greater honor than your good opinion of them (that is why we are proud to show some of our customer reviews on the web).

However, no matter how hard you try, problems can always arise. This is a truth that even Goro Masamune himself could not escape. That’s why we offer replacements & refunds for the full price of the sword in case something went wrong. It is a more effective way to restore our honor than committing harakiri.

Makoto – Integrity

In order to practice the other virtues of bushido, integrity and honesty is one we take very seriously, when we make the swords, when we communicate with our customers and everything we do is guided by integrity, honesty and sincerity.

We always are here to help resolve any issue and do so with a lot of respect and honestly trying to find the best way to make sure every customer is highly satisfied when purchasing Samurai swords from our website.


Chuugi – Loyalty

Despite growing and changing over time, the Katanasforsale team has always remained loyal to its roots. Loyal to its teammates. Loyal to its customers and VIP members, loyal to its continuous development, and loyal to its love for Japanese swords and values.

That will be, forever, our samurai path.

We know that there are no shortcuts to mastery.

There are always things to improve.

There are always things to learn.

That’s why we always give our best in every sword. 

Like Miyamoto Musashi said :

“A thousand days of training to develop, ten thousand days of training to polish.”


See what people are saying about our Samurai swords

"Ordering the sword was great experience the website offers valuable information on swords and the metal choices available. The sword arrived in good time for shipping to Australia and in good condition -(well oiled and just how I wanted). Definitely recommend joining the VIP membership for the offers provided. The sword was really sharp even without the ultra sharp option -(I'm scared at the level ultra sharp will have on swords after only ordering the sharp option myself). And their customer service and support is probably the best I've ever seen." 

Zach Patterson


"I have ordered to date 4 swords and even though all of them are custom sized, I have found that they arrived in a timely manner. I have a 3 piece set consisting of katana, wakizashi, and tanto. I have also begun to start a 2nd set. So far I have the katana built and will be ordering the wakizashi and tanto to complete the set. The swords are truly a work of art. Very beautiful. I have contacted customer service on several occasions regarding custom swords and have found them to be very helpful and prompt with responses. I will continue to order more blades as I am a very happy customer."

Ryan Fujii

United States

"The craftsmanship on this folded Clay Tempered Katana is truly exceptional. The blade is very sharp and well-made, and the tempering process creates a unique visual effect with a wavy hamon. The fittings are also well-designed and complement the blade perfectly.

I chose the Hadori polish to enhance the sword and added high quality saya and the result is remarkable, I couldn't be happier!

Katanas for sale is a fantastic sword maker that I would recommend to anyone."

Caleb Davis

United States

"I have purchased numerous swords in multiple styles and have always been completely happy with the end product.

The website makes them easy to customize and get exactly what you are looking for.  

The production is quick and the packaging and shipping is durable and secure.  I have zero complaints and would recommend you to anyone looking for a quality sword for any purpose.

Thanks for all your help and hard work!"

Scott James

United States

"The Wakizashi Sword I received from Katanas for sale is simply stunning. The blade is beautifully crafted and incredibly sharp, and the fittings are all expertly designed. I appreciate the overall weight and balance of the sword, and I can tell that it is a high-quality piece. I would definitely purchase again from Katanas for sale.

I am in the process of customizing the next Katana sword for my collection and just allocating some budget for it before placing the order."

Isaac Hernandez

United States

Pink Katana for Wife

"I recently purchased the Handcrafted Pink Katana Sword  for my wife birthday , and I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase. The sword arrived quickly and was packaged very securely, which is always a plus when buying something fragile like a sword.

When I gave it to my wife, she was very excited from this gift and especially liked that it's pink (her favorite color).

Overall, I would highly recommend this samurai sword website to anyone who is looking for a high-quality Katana. The craftsmanship is top-notch and the sword is truly a work of art. I am very pleased with my purchase and would definitely buy from this website again in the future."

Vincent Mitchell

United States

"First off, the app to customize a sword is the best thing I've ever seen. This really allowed my artistic side to come out and I ended up changing my original idea because it didn't flow well once I saw it. Playing around with options allowed me to make the sword that I absolutely love! I chose the T10 steel, based on the description and research I did on the types of metal. I got it extra sharp and this is my display, mat cutting sword.
The wait time was relatively short and the expected time was accurate with zero issues in shipping and delivery.
The day came when it was delivered and I was so happy. It far exceeded my expectations and is my favorite sword! I have ordered 2 from Katanas For Sale and 1 from another place (sorry, I cheated on you). The one from the other place was 3 weeks late and I was so disappointed. The balance was off. The curve was horrible. That experience made me appreciate the quality so much more. I would 100% recommend this place and the sword they make. I will certainly purchase more.

Thank you to everyone at Katanas For Sale that participated in my order, making of the sword, and shipping it to me. Great experience all around. And that seems more and more rare to be able to say these days." 

Scott Weinberger

United States

"I am very impressed with the Handmade Nagamaki sword I purchased from Katanasforsale. The blade is incredibly sharp and the handle is well-designed for a comfortable grip. I appreciate the overall quality of the craftsmanship and the customization options on the website which allow to create this amazing piece. This Nagamaki is a great addition to my collection."

Carlos Ramirez


"Love my sword, Great workmanship definitely going to be getting another "

Mike Barrett

United States

"I just wanna start out by saying my jaw dropped when I first laid eyes on my most recent nagamaki. This is my 3rd sword that I have order from you guys. It turned out better than I imagined! The craftsmanship is amazing. I do find it to be sturdy and a good weight. The engraving on the blade as well as the sizing is fantastic! I am very happy with this one and the others that I have. "


Las Vegas, Nevada

"The massive Chinese war Sword I received from Katanas for sale is absolutely a crusher, I used it to cut bamboo and it went through the poles like butter! fantastic weapon that is both sharp and sturdy, a little bit on the heavy side, but considering it's immense size it make sense. I appreciate the overall quality of the sword and the simple yet strudy design."

Xavier Ortiz

United States

"The Ninjato Sword I received from this website is a fantastic weapon that is both sharp and sturdy. The blade is purple and was well-made, I used it for cutting tatami mats and bamboo poles and it is indeed a battle ready sword. I appreciate the overall quality of the sword and the attention to detail in the craftsmanship. This is one of the best swords in my collection, I would highly recommend."

Eamon Hastings

United States

"I'm am truly impressed with the quality of my katana. It is a beautiful piece of functional art. The blade is seriously sharp. I think the next one I order I will try the extra sharp to compare."

Shawn Coates

United States

"Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship and battle ready. I had to own this perfect combo. Superb packaging and shipping. I would order again from this vendor."

KC Ellis

United States

"The 3 swords I have purchased from Katanas For Sale are of high quality and expert workmanship."

Dale Hammond

United States

"I recently purchased a beautifully crafted katana from this store, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The attention to detail in the blade is remarkable, and it's evident that the artisan took great care in forging it. The balance and weight are perfect, making it comfortable to hold and maneuver. The customer service was also top-notch, with knowledgeable staff guiding me through the selection process. I highly recommend"

Daniel A. Thompson

United States

"I had a purchase from katanas for sale and it was a very good Tanto very elegant. "

Amr Khamis Amin

Saudi Arabia

"I recently bought a Damascus steel spear from this store, and it is truly a work of art. The blade is incredibly sharp, and the pattern on the steel is mesmerizing. The spear can be dissembled to 3 parts, and it is quite comfortable to hold. I highly recommend this store for anyone looking for a high-quality, blades, I will order a custom Samurai sword next."

Lukas Schmidt


"Absolutely love my new katana! It's perfectly balanced and the craftsmanship is top-notch. Couldn't be happier with my purchase. 5 stars!"

Stefano Lombardi


"As a martial arts practitioner, I am always on the lookout for a high-quality swords that meets my requirements for balance, durability, and sharpness. This particular two beauties has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The weight distribution is perfect, allowing me to execute my techniques with precision and ease. The blades are razor-sharp, cutting through targets effortlessly, and has held up well to rigorous use. I also appreciate the craftsmanship of the saya, which fits snugly and securely. Overall, I am incredibly pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to any martial artist seeking a reliable training tools."

Sean Taylor


"Sturdy, well-made katana. The design is unique, and the blade is sharp. Happy with my purchase!"

Hugo Lindberg


"I'm no expert, but this katana has exceeded my expectations. The blade is razor-sharp, and the fittings are tight. I'm very pleased with my purchase. The customer service is as amazing as the katana itself! They answered all my questions and even provided care instructions. A pleasure to do business with."

Kevin Dubois


"I've been collecting Katanas swords for years, and I must say that this one is among the finest I've ever encountered. From the moment I unboxed it, I could see the extraordinary level of care and craftsmanship that went into creating this piece. The blade is not only sharp, but also polished to perfection, showcasing the striking hamon line. The handle is wrapped with a high-quality tsuka-ito, providing both comfort and grip. The saya is equally impressive, with a lacquered finish that adds a touch of elegance. I cannot recommend this katana highly enough to fellow collectors."

Mason Johnson

United States

"As a practitioner of iaido, finding a Katana that meets the demands of my discipline can be challenging. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this sword. The balance is exceptional, allowing me to perform techniques with fluidity and control. The tsuka is wrapped tightly, ensuring a secure grip during practice, and the blade is well-tempered and sharp. Additionally, the customer service provided by the seller was outstanding. They were attentive to my questions and provided useful advice on what selection I should choose for my new Katana based on my requirements. I highly recommend this sword maker to anyone seeking a top-quality training tool for iaido or other martial arts."

Felipe Ortega


"This Ninjato is the perfect addition to my collection! The blade is of exceptional quality and the tsuba design is unique. Delivery was fast and the packaging kept the sword safe, I ordered the silk box they offer in the customization options"

Eirik Nielsen


"This Katana sword is perfect for my martial arts practice. Lightweight, well-balanced, and incredibly sharp."

Tyler Wilson


"I bought those two beautiful Tanto blades. The sharpness and the overall quality are great. Highly recommended!"

Lukas Novák

Czech Republic

"I recently purchased two Chinese swords for my martial arts practice, and I have been extremely impressed by their performance. The balance is perfect, making each sword easy to maneuver and control during my training sessions. The blades is incredibly sharp and well-tempered, slicing through targets with ease. The fittings are solid, and the scabbard is well-crafted, fitting the sword snugly. The overall design is elegant, with intricate design on the pommel and guard. I highly recommend this sword maker to anyone seeking a high-quality Chinese sword for martial arts practice."

Noah Tremblay


"As a long time sword collector, I have been searching for a high-quality swordmaker, and I am thrilled to have found this one. To date, I have purchased 3 Katana swords, each one of the swords is well-balanced, The blade is sharp and well-tempered, cutting through targets with precision. The handle is comfortable to hold, and the scabbard is well-crafted. The customer service provided by Katanas for sale was excellent, with prompt responses to my questions and useful advice on the available sword parts. I highly recommend this Samurai sword maker to fellow collectors."

Logan Wright

United States

"The photos don't do this katana justice! It's even more stunning in person. The saya is well-crafted, and the sword fits securely. Truly a masterpiece."

Sander De Vries


"My first Katana purchase and I couldn't be more satisfied, so I ordered a Wakizashi too. The blades arrived quickly, I did ask for the ultra sharp options which did not disappoint, the fittings are solid and snug and the overall quality of the swords is fantastic for the price."

Charles Martin


"I gifted this tanto blade to my husband and he was over the moon. The polish on the blade is flawless, and the hamon is clearly visible. A wonderful purchase!"

Olivia Thompson

United States

"As a long-time enthusiast of Japanese swords, I was eager to find a katana that would not only meet my expectations in terms of quality and craftsmanship but also serve as a functional weapon for martial arts practice and Tameshigiri. I am pleased to say that this katana has exceeded all of my expectations. The blade is exceptionally sharp and well-tempered, with a prominent and striking hamon line. The tsuka is wrapped tightly in high-quality silk ito, ensuring a secure grip, and the tsuba is adorned with an intricate design that adds to the sword's overall elegance."

Jason Phillips

United States

"Absolutely thrilled with my new Katana sword! The blade is ultra sharp and the craftsmanship is top-notch. The fittings are tight and secure, and the handle feels comfortable in my hand. I chose a simple saya but nonetheless it fits the sword perfectly. A stunning addition to my collection that I'm proud to display."

Brody Tremblay


"Fantastic katana for martial arts practice. Excellent balance and weight distribution, with a comfortable grip. I chose the 9260 spring steel Katana with customized design, The tsuka is wrapped tightly the blade is sharp and very flexible"

Christopher Garcia

United States

"Love my new Wakizashi! The attention to detail is superb, and it cuts like a charm. Great buy!"

Derek Hawkins

United States

"After extensive research and comparing various katanas online, I finally decided to purchase this one, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. The level of detail in the construction is truly impressive. From the simple iron tsuba to the rest of the fitting fittings, it's evident that the artisans put great effort into creating a high-quality sword. The blade edge is razor-sharp. This katana is not only a stunning display piece but also a functional weapon"

Kyle Grant

United States

"I cannot express how impressed I am with this katana! The attention to detail is astounding, from the intricate tsuba design to the expertly crafted saya. The blade is not only incredibly sharp but also exhibits remarkable tempering. A perfect combination of beauty and functionality, this katana has become the prized possession in my collection. "

Samuel Henderson

United States

"I was initially skeptical about purchasing a katana online, but this sword has put all my doubts to rest. Every aspect of this sword screams quality. Not only does it serve as a magnificent display piece, but it also proves its functionality when I was testing it on different targets in my backyard. If you are in the market for Samurai swords I would definetly recommend buying from Katanasforsale.com"

Aidan Boucher


"Amazing customer service! They helped me choose the perfect katana, and it arrived in excellent condition within 3 weeks of placing the order"

Marshall Greer

United States