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Build Your Custom Wakizashi from the options below, We offer the largest selection of blade modifications for your Custom Wakizashi, and other samurai swords.

  • Navigate to the sides of each slider to see the different options available for your custom Wakizashi
  • Click on the Image to Enlarge and Choose

Wakizashi Approximate Size: 50cm Blade, 22cm Handle length

  • We offer a large selection of blades. here is a short guide about the difference between the qualities of the blades and steel and their properties.

    • 150 $
    • 185 $
    • 215 $
    • 280 $
    • 295 $
    • 315 $
    • 340 $
    • 2700 $
    • 215 $
    • 245 $

    The Sword hamon is considered the blade pattern its the effect created by the hardening process

    The Sword hamon is considered the blade pattern its the effect created by the hardening process

    The Standard size for custom Wakizashi is 50cm blade length and 22cm handle length, we use our standard size on all custom swords, if you want this size to be customized, there is additional payment of $90 and it takes longer to make than usual.
    • $
    • 90 $

    Drag and move the bar to choose the custom blade length you want in centimeters:

    Blade Length: (Centimeters):

    Drag and move the bar to choose the custom handle length you want in centimeters:

    Handle Length: (Centimeters):

    The Kissaki is the tip and pointy end of the Japanese sword that feature a ridge line.
    You can choose either traditional Kissaki or Kiriha Zukuri type.

    • $
    • 35 $

    The Tsuba is the sword guard, and what protect your hand from getting cut from your blade or your opponents blade, we offer a large variety of Tsuba in different prices, please Choose different options to see different Tsuba.

    • 90 $

    includes high quality copper Menuki, Fuchi and Kashira.

    For extra $90 you can choose from our high quality Tsuba, Fuchi Kashira and Menuki collection, those are made of high quality copper and will certainly enhance your sword design, there are many combinations so you can be sure your Samurai sword is unique.

    Choose the metal fuchi kashira you want, if you are looking for higher quality, please select the option above of HQ Copper Tsuba:

    Choose the high quality Fuchi Kashira of your liking:


    Choose the High quality copper Menuki you like:


    Choose the handle wrap material and color, we offer synthetic Silk wrap with no extra charge or  high quality leather wrap for extra $40

    • $
    • 40 $

    Choose the color of the silk wrap for the tsuka and ito sageo.

    Samegawa is used to protect the Tsuka (Handle), allow proper gripping and prevent the hands from slipping during practice. Choose the color of the ray skin Samegawa from the options below:

    Choose Between:  Katate-Maki (Battle Wrap) or Tsumami Maki (Traditional W

    Choose the Saya (scabbard) made of Lacquer wood, or choose our more high quality saya for extra.

    RS1, RS2, RS3 are all made of full ray skin, and the kurigata and saya throat are buffalo horn

    • 40 $
    • 40 $
    • 120 $
    • $
    • 40 $
    • 0 $
    • 0 $
    • 0 $
    • 0 $
    • 0 $
    • 0 $
    • 0 $
    • 0 $
    • 0 $
    • 0 $
    • 0 $
    • 75 $
    • 180 $
    • 180 $
    • 180 $
    • 220 $
    • 80 $
    • 250 $
    • 240 $
    • 110 $
    • 80 $
    • 110 $
    • 80 $
    • 230 $
    • 110 $
    • 110 $

    Here you can enhance your sword to be something extraordinary, our enhancement includes: Blood grove, Hadori Polish, Sword Engraving, Carbon Electroplating


    If you wish us to sharpened your blade, please tell us whether sharpened or non sharpened:

    • $
    • $
    • 70 $

    Choose if you want a Blood Groove on your sword

    • $
    • $
    • 25 $

    Choose if you want Sword engraving, we can do the engraving in Chinese, Japanese or English. please enter the exact characters you want to appear in the engraving.

    • $
    • 0 $
    • 80 $

    If you wish us to engrave an image on your blade, please upload the file here.

    • (max file size 32 MB)

    please choose if you want to make the blade of your Wakizashi in black and dark red or Purple.

    • $
    • 55 $
    • 55 $

    please choose if you want to make the blade of your Wakizashi in Gold, Blue or Black

    • $
    • 55 $
    • 55 $
    • 55 $

    Choose if you want your Wakizashi to have the Hadori Polish (Enhanced Hamon).

    • $
    • 180 $

    Here you can choose the accessories, which includes stands, sword box and sword bag.


    Choose a bag for your sword, all of the bags are made of silk.

    • 0 $
    • 95 $
    • 95 $
    • 95 $

    Choose which sword stand you wish to receive

    • 0 $
    • 25 $
    • 35 $
    • 75 $
    • 135 $
    • 135 $


Create Your Custom Wakizashi

Hundreds of years ago, only the samurai were allowed to wear the daisho – a pair of swords that included the Katana and the Wakizashi.

Today, you can easily get your custom Wakizashi sword personalized in just a few minutes.

Use our customization tools above and you will see a wide range of options that will help in the creation of your dream wakizashi sword.

Custom made Wakizashi

The Wakizashi Sword

The wakizashi is a traditional Japanese sword that a samurai wore on his side, Together with the katana.

This sword has a rich history and had a significant presence in the past. In fact, the Wakizashi has been wielded by the Samurai mainly as an auxiliary weapon or in close quarters, however it had a wider use also by the Chonin class of feudal Japan which were allow to carry the Wakizashi.

At times, the Wakizashi was used to commit seppuku which is known as a ritual suicide done when a samurai decided to sacrifice his life to regain his honor.

Katana Customizable Parts

Custom Wakizashi Options

We are proud to offer you the widest selection of components and parts for your Custom made Wakizashi sword, to further simplify the selection we divided it into 6 sections:

The Wakizashi Blade

The custom Wakizashi blade can be selected based on the kind of steel you want. If you wish to learn more about the different steel types, see our steel comparison here.

Different steel will allow for different patterns and customization options for your Wakizashi sword.

1060 Carbon


9260 Spring Steel


1095 Steel


T10 Tool Steel



We offer a wide selection of Fitting in various prices depending on the materials. The fittings include the following options:

Tsuba (Handguard)


Fuchi (Handle Collar)


Kashira (Pommel)


Menuki (Ornaments)


Habaki (Blade Collar)


Seppa (Spacers)


The Handle (Tsuka)

The handle of the Samurai sword is called Tsuka, and you can select the style of wrapping and the wrap material from rayon silk or leather. each one offers wide range of colors for your custom made Wakizashi.

Ito Wrap

The Ito wrap is another important element in your custom Wakizashi. Aside from adding to the sword aesthetic, it also strengthens the tsuka while helps prevent technical failure.

Leather Ito

Leather ito wrap

Rayon Silk Ito

Rayon-Silk ito wrap


The ray skin samegawa enables proper gripping of the Wakizashi and help to prevent the sword from slipping from your hand.


You can choose the wrap style for your Wakizashi from 2 options:

Traditional Wrap


Battle Wrap


The Scabbard (Saya)

The saya is the scabbard of your handmade Wakizashi blade. It is used to keep your sword when not in use.

The Saya is generally made of wood. Its exterior is often coated with lacquer or feature more luxury designs.

You can select from our free lacquered wood Saya or from our high quality designs which cost extra.



Enhance your Wakizashi further and make it even better and more unique. The enhancements that are available includes the following:


decide the level of sharpness you want your custom Wakizashi to come with, do you prefer it not sharp, Sharp Or Ultra sharp?

Blood Groove

Known as Bohi, this groove goes along the side of the blade and helps in making the sword lighter.

Sword Engraving

Engrave any text in a language of your preference. Make your custom Wakizashi stand out with engraved text or image.


Blade coloring

Choose between blue, black or gold for non folded Wakizashi blades, or black & red or Purple for folded steel blades


Blade polishing

The Hadori polish is a feature that reserved only for clay tempered blades, it further enhance the beauty of the Hamon line.



You can choose the accessories to store your Wakizashi such as sword stands, sword bag (free), and sword box.

visit this page for our Wakizashi swords for sale

Our Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

We know how much you value your swords, whether this is your first time purchase from us, or if you are a regular VIP member at our site.

Let us provide you with our full guarantee that if in any way we made a mistake or you are not completely satisfied with your custom Katana when delivered, contact us within 14 days since you received the package, we’ll make it right.


Shipping and Delivery

We ship worldwide to all countries which does not restrict the importation of swords. If you are not sure whether we can ship to your country, please contact us (click here).

The shipping cost for custom Wakizashi is $29. (Worldwide)

Once your order is ready, we will ship it to you via EMS;

Normally, packages arrive within 5 to 14 business days. However, delays may occur depending on your location and other factors which are not in our control. For you to keep track of your package, we will provide you a tracking number once your Wakizashi sword has been shipped.

Why Buy From Us?

Not all swords are created equal.

Our Specialty is custom made Samurai Swords.

We use traditional Japanese methods to create the blades and following the strict procedure of Japanese sword making and assembly.

And for that reason most of our first time shoppers are coming back for more.

We know you want a real functional sword that will be durable, stand the test of time and capable during practice or Tameshigiri.

Here is what you can expect when purchasing a custom Katana from us:

Huge selection of blades and modifications

• Large amount of special high quality components

• The blade will be hand forged according to your specifications.

• The sword will be well assembled

Extra attention to the details of each aspect of the sword before it is shipped to you.

Personal Care

Quality Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are looking for reviews from customers, you can check out our Facebook page here.

Alejandro Diaz

I chose and bought a Katana in T10 Clay Tempered on this site, are excellent, good quality, finishes and materials. The first quality, excellent service, I had no problems with shipping to my country Chile, I recommend.

Jack D.

My wife, absolutely, loved this sword! Purple is her favorite color, and the way the handle is done is superb.
My favorite part is how the blade is acid washed red, and it makes the Damascus steel, stand out.
Thank you for an excellent product.

Matthew Palmer

My custom 9260 spring steel nagamaki came in today, Andy couldn't be happier. All the fittings are snug and very attractive. The steel is tough, flexible and has a very nice polish on it. The customer service was excellent like other testimonials have said. When I requested a heavy niku sharpening they were quick to respond to inform me of what I requested, and double checked to make sure that's what I wanted. Shipping was very quick as well. If your in the market for a sword, please give these guys a shot and get their name out there. Good stuff fellas, keep it up.

Chase Clarke

I ordered custom katanas for my groomsmen and I cannot say enough about the overall experience with this company. Tony helped me in selecting individual pieces for all 4 swords and was patient throughout the whole process. He had all of them complete and on my door step (Arizona) within a few weeks of ordering. These are incredibly well made and was truly a unique gift to present during my wedding and went over very well. Thank you again Tony and I'm sure we'll be talking soon on my next order! I've also recommended you to some of my guests from this weekend and they are excited to order some swords as well.

Jimmy Merle

I received my first purchase from Katanas For Sale last week. I bought a Katana and am very happy with it. It was a 5 Star experience in all aspects. It only took about a week and a half to prepare my blade and about another week to arrive here via the shipping method they used. When I received it I found it to be well packed and without any damage. Upon opening the package I was very pleased with my new sword. I highly recommend this company to anyone intending to buy a katana. Sincerely, Jimmy Merle 3/2/17



I just wanted to say the katana is gorgeous and perfectly done. I WILL be purchasing from you again in the future!

Thank you so much,



5 ***** stars
Great customer service with prompt shipping and great variety of customization options. Everything arrived great to the last detail, the white ray skin looked amazing complimenting my other sword. overall 5 star outstanding craftsmanship will definitely buy again.

Fred C.

Just a note to let everyone know that the quality and service from katanasforsale cannot be duplicated. I recently ordered a Tanto and Box. the service and attention to detail could not be duplicated. Tony walked me through the process of putting together a custom Tanto which I love. his opinion and help made the process effortless. in the end I received a great masterpiece. a blade that I can display and be proud of. Katanasforsale is a company that I would highly recommend and would look foward to doing more business with again. a great experience.
Fred C.
New York, USA

We ship worldwide to all countries which does not restrict the importation of swords. Shipping price is $29 USD per sword. (Flat rate worldwide) Delivery time normally takes 5-14 business days. We offer refunds for up to 14 days from recipient. shipping fees are non refundable, and buyer is responsible for returned shipping costs. Custom swords are made to order, please contact us if there is any issue with your order. Helmets and Armors are shipped with FedEx and are non refundable.