Nodachi Sword – The Great Battlefield Sword History

The Great Battlefield Sword – The Japanese Nodachi In history, the samurai warriors fought on the battlefield wielding different types of deadly swords. The most famous one was the katana,[... ]

Shinto and Zen Buddhism: The Two Religions that Shaped the Samurai Tenets

The samurai were not considered as mercenaries. They were not fighting machines who roamed Japan to engage in skirmishes for any warlord who would pay or reward them. These virtuous[... ]

Where to Buy Samurai Swords Using Bitcoin

If you are a serious sword collector and are wondering where to buy Katana using Bitcoin we at gives you the chance of buying swords using BTC and[... ]

Iaido – The Japanese Martial Art

What is Iaido? and Which type of sword should you use? Iaido is a martial art that involves the use of Japanese long sword: the Katana. The goal is to[... ]

Japanese Bows- Martial Art of Archery

Yumi is the Japanese term use for traditional asymmetrical Japanese bows. There are different kinds of bows and each of these has a specific purpose. Shorter bows were used[... ]

Japanese Bayonet

History Bayonets are derived from the French word Baionette which means a knife or sword shape weapon. This weapon also doubles up as a spear. The Japanese, German and[... ]

Japanese Arrows – Arrowhead Pride

Japanese Arrows – Arrowhead Pride Japanese Arrows are better known simply as Ya. These are arrows used in Kyudo or Japanese archery. These are the same Japanese arrowheads used by[... ]

Japanese Machine Guns – Japanese Firepower

Japanese Machine Guns – Japanese Firepower Japanese machine guns are known as Kikan Jyu. Japan import Gatling guns from the U.S. in 1867. Gatling guns have multiple barrels that can[... ]

Japanese Militaria – War Collectibles

Japanese Militaria- War Collectibles Militaria are defined as artifacts which are either use or manufactured for the military and police. Japanese Militaria are collected because of its historical significance. These[... ]

Japanese Military Swords

– Slashing Weapon Mastery Japan has a rich history when it comes to the use of swords. It was said that history shows that as early as 300 B.C.,[... ]