Taisho Test


Taisho Test


  • Armor Customization

    Create your custom Samurai armor from the  options available below:

    *Armor Main Color

    Choose the color of the Samurai armor

    Main Lace Color

    Choose the color of the main lace for the Samurai Yoroi


    Select the Brocade fabric for your Kote, Obi, Haidate and Sunate


    Select the pattern and leather color for your Samurai armor


    Choose the Suneate (Shin armor) style:


    Choose whether you would like a smooth finish or raised rivets to the Samurai helmet and chest armor.


    Design your samurai helmet (Kabuto) from the options available below:

    *Kabuto Style

    Choose the style and shape of your Samurai helmet:

    *Number of Plates

    For Suji - Bachi style helmet, you can choose the number of plates that will be used to craft the helmet bowl. the helmet bowl will be crafted from one single sheet of steel, but will make it look like it was crafted from multiple sheets.