Metsubushi – Japanese Pepper Spray

Metsubushi was known in Japan as eye closers because of what it can do. There were variations of this Ninja Weapon that are used by Samurai police and other individuals.

The aim was to disorient or temporarily cause blindness to the enemy during feudal Japan. One type of this Ninja Tool was used by the police for blowing powdered pepper or dust into the unsuspecting eyes of the criminal or suspect.

Ninja Metsubushi described as made of lacquer or brass box and has a mouthpiece for blowing on. The hole on the other end of this Ninja Weapon is directed towards the eyes of the target.

Some types are composed of powder made ashes, ground-up pepper, dirt, flour, and mud. In some cases, Ninja Tools like thee use fine ground glass to cause greater damage. These were kept in hollowed-out eggs or Happo.

In some cases, these are stored in bamboo tubes and small containers. When confronted with the enemy or attacker, the Ninja throws the Metsubushi to blind the adversary and ran off to hide for the meantime.

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Causing Blindness and Creating Havoc

Needless to say that when in battle having eyesight is needed since the strength in fighting will be dampened when temporary blindness takes place.

For this reason, attacking the enemy in the eyes is prohibited in modern martial arts. However, Ninjas do not follow this protocol. If anything attacks through the eyes with the help of Ninja Metsubushi is extremely helpful.

Metsubushi was a weapon with a length of less than 100 mm and it weighs 100 grams. The Metsubushi is shaped like a whistle. On both ends of the Metsubushi, a blowing hole and outlet were attached.

Various items were jammed such as iron powder, sand, red pepper and the use of chemicals. The contents will simply spout out when it is blown in out of the outlet to damage the eyes of the enemy even for just a while.

After the Ninja causes his enemy to go blind he can either kill his enemy or escape. Since the contents of the Ninja Metsubushi have stimulants, this affects not only the eyes but, the nose as well.

At any given rate, Ninjas can deprive their enemies of their efficiency in combat even with the use of a small amount of the substance on this weapon.

There is also another type of Metsubushi made out of paper and eggshells. Ninjas place stimulants into the broken eggshell and wrap this in the paper. This acts as a simple tear bomb.

Since Ninjas are strong they can break the eyeballs of the enemy when the situation calls for it. Blinding the enemy is a good tactic for the Ninja since it makes their enemies powerless.


Eye Destroyer

Ninja Metsubushi has a substance that can be considered as the eye destroyer. The enemy will inhale the substance which in turn will either paralyzed him or kill him. Filling the Metsubushi varies.

For heavy ones, these can be composed of tiny balls of lead, sand and ground glass. In some cases, the use of clay, road dust, and dirt, as well as metal grit, applies.

The lighter ones float to the air mixed with flour, cinders, fine salt, and tobacco. There are no real standards when making the fillings for the Ninja Metsubushi.

The imagination of the Ninja inspires what kind of material will create havoc towards the enemy. In the course of carrying out his mission, the Ninja takes care of using the right kind of armaments that includes this weapon.

Modern science has evolved this tool into pepper spray. However, the reason is different because it is a way to protect against stray dogs, hooligans, and other present-day criminals.

Typical Ninja Metsubushi

  • Happo – This is composed of eggshell crushed with the fingers and thrown towards the enemies when place inside the Metsubushi.
  • Sodezue – Hand cannon of various shapes that help to catapult the mixture.
  • Sokutoki – This is a container with mouthpiece disguise as a whistle. This made it possible to throw and blow the mixture on it.
  • Metsubushi with Bamboo container and lid.

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