T10 Clay Tempered Bamboo Saya Katana (High Quality Copper Fittings)


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T10 Clay Tempered Bamboo Saya Katana With High Quality Copper Fittings, Sharpened, Tsuka double pegged with beautiful Bamboo Saya


T10 Clay Tempered Bamboo Saya Katana (High Quality Copper Fittings)

Blade: T10 Steel (Clay Tempered)
Blood Grooves: on both sides
Blade Edge: fully sharpened
Habaki (Blade Collar) & Seppa (Spacer) Material: Brass
Tsuba (Hand Guard): high quality copper dragon
Fuchi (Handle Collar) and Kashira (Buttcap): high quality copper
Tsuka (Handle): red ray skin with ornament menuki
Tang: Full tang with 2 Mekugi pegs
Saya (scabbard): maple wood lacquered saya

Blade Length: 72 cm
Handle Length: 27 cm
Approximate Weight: 1.45 KG
Blade Width: 3.2 cm
Blade Thickness: 0.75 cm

Battle Ready Samurai Katana

This is the 40″ T10 clay differential hardened Katana Sword. The blade is constructed from through hardened T10 and features a beautiful authentic wave hamon. It also features a bohi which provides audible feedback when the sword is swung to ensure good edge alignment.

The blade of the sword has been constructed from T10 High Carbon steel in a Maru Lamination. In accordance with Japanese tradition, the blade has been treated with a clay covering, applied to the entire sword except the cutting edge. The blade is then heated and quenched in spring water. The combination of the quenching and the clay cover creates a significant temperature difference in the Ha of the blade and the rest of the sword. The hamon is authentic and all the way up to the tip. The result is that the Ha cools much more quickly than the rest of the blade, the molecules of the Cutting edge expand and push back the softer steel of the blade creating the traditional Japanese curve.

The fittings (tsuba, fuchi kashira) are all handmade from high quality copper. The tsuba is a Japanese dragon (ryuu) design. The fuchi kashira (collar and end cap) are also handmade copper with a dragon theme.

The saya (scabbard) of the sword is lacquered bamboo with a gloss finish. The sageo is thick black silk tied over a wooden kurigata with golden brass fitting shitodome.

Clay Tempering

This sword has been custom hand forged by our Japanese traditional method, Clay Tempering. The gray area is the clay covered range. The Smith puts clay on the blade and leaves the edge clear. The blade will be heated to red then quenched into water. Therefore, the clay covered area helps the blade to keep its flexibility. The crystal clear natural hamon line is achieved from clay tempering.

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