Sword Cane 1060 Folded Carbon Steel Blade 2 Types

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1060 Folded Carbon Steel Sword Cane



Sword Cane 1060 Folded Carbon Steel Blade

Approximate Size:

Blade Length: 54 (cm)

Handle Length : 18 (cm)

Material: 1060 Folded Carbon Steel Blade (13 folds, 8192 layers)

Rose Wood Scabbard and Handle

Handcrafted brass fittings

Blade: Fully Sharpened (Sharp)

Condition: Brand New

Traditional Sword Cane

The sword cane, or sword-stick, has been around for quite some time. They go back as far as the Roman days, to the dolon, and were even in use in Japan, as the shikomizue. And now, it is a weapon that you can wield in the modern world. Our sword canes are fully functional and great for use in sparring and self-defense. In fact, self-defense is an array in which these weapons typically excel, thanks to their convenient shape and their unassuming appearance. Most will not even realize what they are facing until you have drawn the blade. This sword is available in two different types of handle –the Hook or the Traditional Knob.

It feature solid, rigid shafts that double over as weapons themselves, allowing for you to strike with them as easily. They are also quick to deploy – a button press to release the blade. Unlike other walking canes you find on the market, this cane offers a unique design – a handcrafted fittings and handle that is designed for comfortable grip. In addition, the blade is folded, hand forged and fully sharpened capable of cutting targets like Tanami mats. These sword canes are going to be hardy, effective, and deadly – should the situation call for it.

Two different types of handle (the Hook) and (the Traditional Knob)


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