Japanese Hand Forged T10 Blue Acid Dye Clay Tempered Phoenix Katana Samurai Sword

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Hand Forged T10 Blue Acid Dye Clay Tempered Phoenix Katana


Japanese Hand Forged T10 Blue Acid Dye Clay Tempered Phoenix Katana Samurai Sword

Approximate Size: Overall Length 102 (cm) / Blade Length 72 (cm)

Weight: 1.38 Kg

Material: T10 Blue Acid Dye Clay Tempered

Blade: Fully Sharpened / Clay tempered

Condition: Brand New

Features of this Katana:

Blade: T10 Steel (Clay tempered) Blue Acid Dye

Blood Groove: non

Blade Edge: Sharp

Habaki (Blade Collar) & Seppa (Spacer) Material: made of brass

Tsuba (Hand Guard): Iron Phoenix Tsuba

Fuchi (Handle Cap) and Kashira (Handle Collar): Metal Alloy

Tsuka (Handle): Authentic black ray skin with brass menukis

Tang: Full tang with 2 Mekugi pegs

Saya (scabbard): black hardwood lacquered Saya

Sword Bag: 1 silk sword bag

You are looking at a traditional Japanese clay tempered Katana. It is fully functional and sharp. It is hand Forged from a select grade of the purest T10 steel, this full tang double pegged katana exhibits one of the most appealing Hamon temper lines that is authentic and distinct as a result of traditional Clay Tempering Processes.

The blade has been treated with blue acid dye which makes the entire blade surface in blue appearance. This gives the blade a unique appearance for those who prefer an extraordinary look on their sword. The Blue Acid Dye treatment is a natural color dyeing method. It does not affect the performance of the sword.

The balance of the blade is perfect and the sword is completely functional. It can be used for drills, practice and test cutting.

This katana features an iron made Japanese Phoenix tsuba, matching fuchi kasshira and black hardwood lacquered saya. This is an excellent sword for training (perfectly suitable for Tameshigiri) and it is also a beautiful piece of art work that can used as display at home or office.

Clay Tempering

This sword has been hand forged by our Japanese traditional method, Clay Tempering. The gray area is the clay covered range. The Smith puts clay on the blade and leaves the edge clear. The blade will be heated to red then quenched into water. Therefore, the clay covered area helps the blade to keep its flexibility. The crystal clear natural hamon line is achieved from clay tempering. 

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