1095 Folded Steel Chinese Jian with Copper Fittings

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1095 Folded Steel Chinese Jian, Sharpened with Copper Fittings, Tsuka double pegged – Fittings all made of brass, Saya made of high quality rosewood


1095 Folded Steel Chinese Jian with Copper Fittings

Blade: Hand Forged 1095 Carbon Steel (13 folds, Damascus Steel folding technique)
Blood Groove: double groove
Blade Edge: sharpened
Hand Guard: brass tsuba
Handle: ebony wood
Saya (scabbard): ebony wood scabbard

Blade Length: 73 cm
Handle Length: 20 cm
Approximate Weight: 1.75 KG
Blade Width: 4 cm
Blade Thickness: 0.95cm


The blade of the sword has been constructed by forge folding, creating a look similar to the lost Damascus Steel folding technique. The scabbard is ebony wood, constructed with a double layer structure. The Guard fits seamlessly over the scabbard throat. It has a double fuller (blade groove). All the fittings are made of high quality brass.

Blade: The blade of the sword has been forge folded. By hand the sword smith painstakingly stacks and forges individual layers of steel.  This technique can be easily seen by the unique patterning of the steel on the blade. Traditionally this wood like grain pattern is known as the water mark. This blade has a subtle grain. This is a more traditional approach to forge folding; the water mark is allowed to be shown off in its own natural beauty.

After the blade has been undergone its rough forging the blade is then tempered and quenched. The tempering and quenching process insures the blades hardness and its ability to retain a sharp edge. This process is essential to the swords construction and in this aspect this sword stands above most others. Instead of simply being quenched in water or oil, this blade has been quenched in the spring water of Lonquan. Longquan is the Dragon Stream whose waters are reputed to have magical powers. In reality the spring water is ideal for quenching swords due its high deposits of minerals. The best swords of China are quenched in this spring water.The blade is full tang with and a sharpened edge. The blade of the sword is powerful enough to cut through bamboo, tatami mats, water bottles with only one stroke.

Scabbard: The scabbard ebony wood, constructed with a double layer structure. The design is masterfully done with the wood contouring to the shape of the sword. The Scabbard Chape is flared in the traditional Han style with a copper fitting. The actual scabbard throat is an ancient pattern of stylized scrollwork casted in copper.

Guard: The Guard fits seamlessly over the scabbard throat and it is also made of high quality brass.

Handle: The handle is ebony wood as well, over the tang of the blade. The grip has a two brass stripe design and offers a nice grip when wielding the sword. The pommel of the sword is made of high quality brass.

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