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The Significance of Naginata in Battles, Women, Status, Discipline and Martial Arts

The Japanese Naginata Japanese Naginata were essential pieces for achieving victory in battles. These are works of art by the prominent warriors of Japan’s feudal period. Onna Bugeisha – a[... ]

The Main Weapons of the Samurai – More than Just Swordsmen

The Main Weapons of the Samurai The known main Samurai weapons of Fuedal Japan includes the Katana and the Wakizashi – two swords that represented their class in the society.[... ]

The Nagamaki Sword – The God of War and His Nagamaki Elite Guard

The Nagamaki Sword One of the least known Nihonto used by the Samurai in the Warring period of Japan is the Nagamaki, The Nagamaki is distinguished by its considerably longer[... ]