T10 Folded Steel Clay Tempered Katana with High Quality Copper Fittings


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T10 Folded Steel Clay Tempered Katana, Crests Saya, Sharpened, Tsuka double pegged with High Quality Copper Fittings



T10 Folded Steel Clay Tempered Katana with High Quality Copper Fittings

Hoja: Hand Forged T10 Steel (13 folds, clay tempered)
Ranura de Sangre: en ambos lados
Filo de Hoja: Completamente Afilado
Material de Habaki (Collar de Hoja) y Seppa (Espaciador): Latón
Tsuba (Guardamano): high quality copper dragon tsuba
Fuchi (Collar de Empuñadura) y Kashira (Base de Empuñadura): Cobre
Tsuka (Mango): Piel de Raya Roja con Menukis Decorativos
Espiga (o Tang): Espiga Completa con 2 Clavijas Mekugi
Saya (Vaina): Red hardwood saya with painted Japanese crests

Largo de Hoja: 72cm
Largo de Empuñadura: 27cm
Peso Aproximado: 1.44 KG
Ancho de Hoja: 3.2cm
Grosor de Hoja: 0.75cm


You are looking at a high quality fully functional Japanese Katana samurai sword. The blade has a maru Lamination. It is made from T10 steel.  This high quality full tang double pegged katana exhibits one of the most appealing Hamon temper lines that is authentic and distinct as a result of the differential hardening process.

How important is differential hardening?

A differentially hardened katana (as opposed case hardened or tempered) has a hardened edge and a soft spine.  The edge is hardened so it will retain a razor sharp edge while the spine is left softer so it will bend and not break.  This is usually done with a traditional clay coating tempering process. Differential hardening is key to making a battle ready katana that will be used for extensive tameshigiri (test cutting).  Our expectation is that a shinken should survive at least 10,000 tatami omote cuts (10 years of heavy use) and only need minor sharpening after every 500 (six months of heavy use).

The balance of the blade is perfect and the sword is completely functional. It can be used for Tamashigiri (target cutting).

The blade features a Bo-Hi (groove) for better balance and an audible feedback when the sword is swung. The Kissaki is medium with a well defined Yokote. The sword is full tang and comes fully sharpened.

This blade features a handmade copper tsuba with Japanese Dragon design. Red Hardwood saya with special painted Japanese created and wrapped in black sageo. Red authentic ray skin samekawa handle, full tang with 2 mekugi pegs.

The Handmade differential hardened Katana has been designed specifically to endure the rigors of tameshigiri. The blade is light weight and very quick, when combined with the perfectly shaped tsuka the result is a sword that is extremely responsive and agile. The full tang construction and excellent heat treat ensure that the blade will consistently perform for years to come.

  • Handmade Folded differential hardened blade (13 folds 8192 layers).
  • La hoja es de espiga completa y está afilada
  • Saya: The saya is a red with Japanese crests wrapped in black sageo.
  • Tsuka: The habaki is brass. Handmade copper Japanese dragon tsuba with matching copper fuchi and kashira. The ito is black wrap with katate maki battle wrap pattern over authentic red ray skin samegawa. The tang is double pinned with bamboo mekugi.
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