T10 Clay Tempered Ebony Wood Shirasaya with Buffalo Horn Tips


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T10 Clay Tempered Ebony Wood Shirasaya, Sharpened, Tsuka double pegged with Buffalo Horn Tips


T10 Clay Tempered Ebony Wood Shirasaya with Buffalo Horn Tips

Hoja: T10 Steel (Clay Tempered)
Ranura de Sangre: en ambos lados
Filo de Hoja: Completamente Afilado
Material de Habaki (Collar de Hoja) y Seppa (Espaciador): Latón
Tsuba (Guardamano): n/a
Fuchi (Collar de Mango) y Kashira (Base de Mango): n/a
Tsuka (Mango): high quality ebony wood handle
Saya (Vaina): high quality ebony wood saya

Largo de Hoja: 72cm

Largo de Empuñadura: 26 cm
Peso Aproximado: 1.5kg
Ancho de Hoja: 3.2cm
Grosor de Hoja: 0.76cm


You are looking at a high quality handmade T10 Clay tempered Shirasaya. Every part of this Shirasaya Katana has been masterfully forged and created with great attention to detail. The blade has been laminated in a Maru style with a clay tempered hamon. The sword is razor sharp and fully functional. The entire saya and handle are made of high quality ebony wood which shows a natural elegant wood streak pattern.

Hoja: The blade of the sword has been constructed from high carbon steel using a Maru Lamination. The steel has been thoroughly refined and tempered. The Ha of the blade has an HRC of 60 degrees, the Shinogi an HRC of 45 degrees. This difference in the hardness allows the blade to be flexible as well has extremely hard.

The curve of the blade has been created as a result of the different steel used on the Ha and Shinogi. When the blade is quenched the sword is covered with a clay solution, except for the edge of the blade. The blade is then heated and quenched in water. Since the Ha cools much more quickly than the rest of the blade the molecules in the steel expand and force the softer steel to fold back.

The O-Kissake is well defined with the hamon going all the way through the Boshi. The blade comes razor sharp, full tang and fully functional.

Saya: The Saya has been constructed from high quality Redwood. An authentic high quality black buffalo horn has been added on both the throat and tip of saya.

Tsuka: The whole Tsuka itself is also made of high quality ebony wood and the blade tang is secured by two bamboo mekugi pins.

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