What Our Clients Say

"I have purchased numerous swords in multiple styles and have always been completely happy with the end product.
The website makes them easy to customize and get exactly what you are looking for.
The production is quick and the packaging and shipping is durable and secure.  I have zero complaints and would recommend you to anyone looking for a quality sword for any purpose.
Thanks for all your help and hard work!"

Scott James / United States

"I am very impressed with the Handmade Nagamaki sword I purchased from Katanasforsale. The blade is incredibly sharp and the handle is well-designed for a comfortable grip. I appreciate the overall quality of the craftsmanship and the customization options on the website which allow to create this amazing piece. This Nagamaki is a great addition to my collection.""

Carlos Ramirez / Mexico

"I have ordered to date 4 swords and even though all of them are custom sized, I have found that they arrived in a timely manner. I have a 3 piece set consisting of katana, wakizashi, and tanto. I have also begun to start a 2nd set. So far I have the katana built and will be ordering the wakizashi and tanto to complete the set. The swords are truly a work of art. Very beautiful. I have contacted customer service on several occasions regarding custom swords and have found them to be very helpful and prompt with responses. I will continue to order more blades as I am a very happy customer."

Ryan Fujii / United States

"The craftsmanship on this folded Clay Tempered Katana is truly exceptional. The blade is very sharp and well-made, and the tempering process creates a unique visual effect with a wavy hamon. The fittings are also well-designed and complement the blade perfectly.
I chose the Hadori polish to enhance the sword and added high quality saya and the result is remarkable, I couldn't be happier! Katanas for sale is a fantastic sword maker that I would recommend to anyone."

Caleb Davis / United States

"First off, the app to customize a sword is the best thing I've ever seen. This really allowed my artistic side to come out and I ended up changing my original idea because it didn't flow well once I saw it. Playing around with options allowed me to make the sword that I absolutely love! I chose the T10 steel, based on the description and research I did on the types of metal. I got it extra sharp and this is my display, mat cutting sword. The wait time was relatively short and the expected time was accurate with zero issues in shipping and delivery. The day came when it was delivered and I was so happy. It far exceeded my expectations and is my favorite sword! I have ordered 2 from Katanas For Sale and 1 from another place (sorry, I cheated on you). The one from the other place was 3 weeks late and I was so disappointed. The balance was off. The curve was horrible. That experience made me appreciate the quality so much more. I would 100% recommend this place and the sword they make. I will certainly purchase more.
Thank you to everyone at Katanas For Sale that participated in my order, making of the sword, and shipping it to me. Great experience all around. And that seems more and more rare to be able to say these days."

Scott Weinberger / United States

"Ordering the sword was great experience the website offers valuable information on swords and the metal choices available. The sword arrived in good time for shipping to Australia and in good condition -(well oiled and just how I wanted). Definitely recommend joining the VIP membership for the offers provided. The sword was really sharp even without the ultra sharp option -(I'm scared at the level ultra sharp will have on swords after only ordering the sharp option myself). And their customer service and support is probably the best I've ever seen."

Zach Patterson / Australia

"I recently purchased the Handcrafted Pink Katana Sword  for my wife birthday , and I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase. The sword arrived quickly and was packaged very securely, which is always a plus when buying something fragile like a sword.
When I gave it to my wife, she was very excited from this gift and especially liked that it's pink (her favorite color).
Overall, I would highly recommend this samurai sword website to anyone who is looking for a high-quality Katana. The craftsmanship is top-notch and the sword is truly a work of art. I am very pleased with my purchase and would definitely buy from this website again in the future."

Vincent Mitchell / United States

"I recently bought a Damascus steel spear from this store, and it is truly a work of art. The blade is incredibly sharp, and the pattern on the steel is mesmerizing. The spear can be dissembled to 3 parts, and it is quite comfortable to hold. I highly recommend this store for anyone looking for a high-quality, blades, I will order a custom Samurai sword next."

Lukas Schmidt / Germany

"Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship and battle ready. I had to own this perfect combo. Superb packaging and shipping. I would order again from this vendor."

KC Ellis / United States

"I just wanna start out by saying my jaw dropped when I first laid eyes on my most recent nagamaki. This is my 3rd sword that I have order from you guys. It turned out better than I imagined! The craftsmanship is amazing. I do find it to be sturdy and a good weight. The engraving on the blade as well as the sizing is fantastic! I am very happy with this one and the others that I have. "

Maia / Las Vegas, Nevada

"Love my sword, Great workmanship. Definitely going to be getting another "

Mike Barrett / Canada

"The 3 swords I have purchased from Katanas For Sale are of high quality and expert workmanship."

Dale Hammond / United States

"I had a purchase from katanas for sale and it was a very good Tanto very elegant."

Amr Khamis Amin / Saudi Arabia

"I recently purchased a beautifully crafted katana from this store, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The attention to detail in the blade is remarkable, and it's evident that the artisan took great care in forging it. The balance and weight are perfect, making it comfortable to hold and maneuver. The customer service was also top-notch, with knowledgeable staff guiding me through the selection process. I highly recommend"

Daniel A. Thompson / United States

"I'm am truly impressed with the quality of my katana. It is a beautiful piece of functional art. The blade is seriously sharp. I think the next one I order I will try the extra sharp to compare."

Shawn Coates / United States

"The massive Chinese war Sword I received from Katanas for sale is absolutely a crusher, I used it to cut bamboo and it went through the poles like butter! fantastic weapon that is both sharp and sturdy, a little bit on the heavy side, but considering it's immense size it make sense. I appreciate the overall quality of the sword and the simple yet strudy design."

Xavier Ortiz / United States

"The Wakizashi Sword I received from Katanas for sale is simply stunning. The blade is beautifully crafted and incredibly sharp, and the fittings are all expertly designed. I appreciate the overall weight and balance of the sword, and I can tell that it is a high-quality piece. I would definitely purchase again from Katanas for sale.
I am in the process of customizing the next Katana sword for my collection and just allocating some budget for it before placing the order."

Isaac Hernandez / United States

"The Ninjato Sword I received from this website is a fantastic weapon that is both sharp and sturdy. The blade is purple and was well-made, I used it for cutting tatami mats and bamboo poles and it is indeed a battle ready sword. I appreciate the overall quality of the sword and the attention to detail in the craftsmanship. This is one of the best swords in my collection, I would highly recommend."

Eamon Hastings / United States

Matthew Palmer

Mi nagamaki personalizado de acero elastico 9260 vino hoy y no podria estar más feliz Todas las piezas son muy atractivas y el acero es flexible como deseaba y se ve muy resistente. El servicio al cliente es excelente. Pedi un afilado niku y ellos respondieron rapido y me confirmaron que lo iban a hacer. El envio fue rapido. Si te interesan las espadas estos chicos son los ideales. Sigan asi


I have just received it this morning and as soon as I was done being awe struck, I wrote back. Thank you very much! It is much better then I could imagine! Its sharper then I thought it would be too!

Alejandro Diaz

Compré una Katana de Acero T10 Templada a la Arcilla en este sitio. La calidad del acero y de las piezas es excelente. Además me atendieron bien y no tuvieron problemas en enviármela a mi país, Chile. Los recomiendo.

Nisors Retreat

My katana came Very well packaged and secured. I was very happy to see that it looked exactly as shown on the website. Every detail of the katana is spotless and the artistry is stunning. This was made with love! I will definitely be buying another in the future.


Absolutely great customer service, always polite and helpful, maybe the best I ever saw!! Regarding swords I bought one customised and one in stock and they are amazing! Felt straight the difference in quality comparing with another bought in other place! For this quality on price absolutely recommend!

Oliver R. Hoor

I have been purchasing the "JAPANESE KATANA SWORD TAMAHAGANE STEEL WITH HADORI POLISH", a real beauty of finest quality. The sword is exactly how I imagined it and a great decoration for my living room. The customer service was very reactive and supportive. In other words, this is a recommendation.


I love the outcome of my custom katana, the blade was really well made and the handle gives a firm hold. The katana is really well balanced when held in many positions and when swiped and slashed are performed. This won’t be my last katana you can guarantee that. 🙂

Jonathan Osterhout

I recieved the sword yesterday and its perfect. The sword is even more amazing than I imagined it to be, thanks so much for this, great job!

Barry O'Connor

I recently received my new Katana. I LOVE it. Great quality for a reasonable price. I already placed an order for another sword.

Jack D.

Mi esposa amo completamente esta espada. El purpura es su color favorito y el mango es hermoso.
Lo que mas me gusta es como la hoja ha sido teñida de color rojo. Se ve genial.
Gracias por un excelente producto.

John Dutton

I was extremely Happy when my sword arrived. The craftsmanship was amazing along with the detail. I was hesitant at first but after seeing it all doubt has vanished. My next will be a custom sword with all the details. Thank you for my awesome sword.

Dylan Cox

It looks great and feels great customer support was really helpful i would for sure order through them again

Elias Palmgren

When the sword came I was amazed by the beauty of the fittings and how beautiful the blade was. I ordered my Samegawa to be gold painted, however the mekugi pins were also gold painted effectively gluing them to the handle. This was no problem whatsoever as one simply had to rub the area with warm water and soap for a little while. The real problem appeared when i found out the exit port for one of the mekugi pins was covered by one of the menuki. After undoing the wrap and relocating the menuki I had no problems with removing the handle and seeing the custom engraved text on the tang. Out of 10 stars I give the product 7, thank you for a beautiful sword!

Ido Dottan

Katanas For Sale are just amazing!
My katana arrived about a month after I've ordered it, and it looks even better then I thought!

They maybe don't provide the best quality katanas in the internet, but the sword is just so pretty, so beautiful, that it worth almost any price.
Also they have good customer service, Alex and Tony were always there to help 🙂

If you are searching for a nice katana, I recommend making a custom katana, its pretty cheap and has lots of options to choose from.
But thier already-built katanas are also amazing, some of them are even better.

Had an amazing experience!
highly recommended!

Jamison Tetreault

I was skeptical at first soley based off the name but the product is amazing ! Has great weight and is very detailed ! The package was super secure ! The sword really is a work of art ! I am very happy and will be purchasing another sword from them



Solo queria decir que la katana es hermosa y esta muy bien hecha. Voy a comprar mas de ustedes en el futuro!

Muchas gracias,


Arturo Medina García

When I recibe the Katana it’s beauty just astonish me, it was perfectly balanced, well armed and aesthetically exceeds my expectations, I have about 20 swords and this is the most beautiful and the top 3 of my favorites, I thank you for the work and effort put into its creation.


Greetings, I'm more than satisfied with the T10 Clay Tempered Carbon Steel Katana I've ordered from KatanasForSale, there are no better on the internet! For my fellow Serbians, if you think about ordering Katana above 300$ range, check the laws and prepare atleast extra 200$!

Jeff Borders

It is a stunningly beautiful sword. Expert craftsmanship. This is a quality weapon that will be handed down each generation. The staff was completely helpful and responsive throughout the entire process (Tony is awesome!) My experience with Katanasforsale was top notch. I am a very satisfied customer and would highly recommend.

Deegan Hockstein

Excellent all around craftsmanship and service. The katana was crafted and prepared exactly as I’d hoped. The customization options are unprecedented, and lovingly executed. Excellent resource for long time practitioners and collectors alike.

Sam Fortner

5 out of 5 star rating. *****

I was very happy with my entire experience. This is an outstanding product for the price, and the sword was beautiful and durable. Very sharp. I have looked at other websites and this is the best deal, and my order came exactly the way I wanted. I will be buying another custom sword from you.

Justin McCarty

From the ease of use for setting up My custom sword to the easy communication with your team. My Katana arrived and I love it so much, the beauty in it is amazing! Can’t thank you enough and I hope to pass this down for generations to come.

Fred C.

Solo una nota para hacerles saber que la calidad y el servicio de katanasforsale es único. Recientemente ordene un Tanto con caja y el servicio fue excelente. Al final recibi una obra maestra que puedo exhibir con orgullo.
Fred C.
New York, USA

Sorin Tilvescu

First of all good day ! The experience was really good, prompt reply, fast delivery, good quality products. I am really satisfied with services and product quality ! Many thanks and warm regards to everyone there ! Sorin


Rating: 5

I ordered my first sword from you guys and got it 3 weeks after. The Katana was beyond my expectations! I will certainly buy another one. Great work guys!

Robert Messler

I have made a complete custom, double edged Shirasaya and it came out perfect. This sword was worth every penny and its one of a kind. I want to thank Tony and the team for all their hardwork!

Neil Harris

My Katana was perfectly made! im so happy! it took total of 2 months, from making it to delivering it right through my door but its worth the wait!

Jimmy Merle

Recibí mi primer compra de Katanas For Sale la semana pasada. Estoy muy feliz con mi nueva Katana. Fue una experiencia de 5 estrellas en todos los aspectos. Sólo les tomó una semana y media preparar mi espada y otra semana para el envío. Cuando la recibí la encontré bien empaquetada y sin ningún tipo de daño. Estoy muy complacido con mi nueva espada y recomiendo totalmente esta compañía para los interesados en comprar katanas. Jimmy Merle 3/2/17

Jacob Heard

Great customer service, expedient ship and excellent products. I can not say enough good things about this company, their customer service and their products. Placed my orders, took advantage of their discount codes, as described, swords arrived on time and are amazing. Build quality and materials used were beyond some of the highest quality I have seen. Customer service was prompt and answered all my questions. Bottom line is I will suggest using this company and I will continue to buy their swords and other products. Thank you so much for everything. Jacob Heard


5 ***** estrellas
Gran servicio al cliente con un pronto envio y una gran variedad de opciones de customizacion. Todo llego bien y está genial hasta el ultimo detalle. La piel de raya blanca luce increible en mi espada. Les doy definitivamente 5 estrellas.


My friend bought me a Nagamaki from your website. 1095 steel. Very good quality blade. According to her, it was shipped very carefully, and ahead of schedule. My only caveat was that the tsuka-ito did come loose very easily, but I was able to fix it before it actually unraveled, and that is a problem I expect on low-mid range katana/Japanese swords in general, so I was not disappointed in the least. Very good quality steel, has not rolled, bent, chipped, etc. in my cutting tests, and the tsuka seems to still be snugly-fit, so no complaints in that regard. All-in-all, you get what you pay for, and in the case of katanasforsale's swords, that is decent quality at a very competitive price.

Laurids B

Ordered a custom sword. It is a little troublesome to buy a sword when living in my country. You need a lot of permits and so on. The customs are very strict aswell. But Katanas for Sale was very helpfull. And after a lot of e-mailing back and forth, I finally recieved my sword. It is very beautiful and the quality seems very good. I am very happy! Nice customer service and good products! 5/5 stars

Kc Carpenter

I will start off by saying that I I am an avid sword collector along with my brother we have ordered swords from all over the world and have a massive collection and trust me whenever I say this is by far probably the best quality sword I have ever received on top of great service and answering any questions that I might have had about their products this is a beautiful investment and you will not be disappointed. My service agent Tony made the process of getting my sword ordered seamless and very well mannered he was on top of everything from start to finish and I was very impressed with everyone and everything at Katanasforsale.com you have my gratitude am I thanks I will be ordering more from y’all.

Jarod Plaisance

Stunningly beautiful and crafted sword. Very fast turnaround time for an individually forged piece. Even the storage case is beautifully crafted. Would definitely purchase from again. Customer service is a dream too. Very friendly and helpful and quick.

Anthony Doherty

Another gem from a Katanasfor Sale design. A tanto with a rich real rosewood handle and saya, which are also ornately decorated. An excellent knife to add to my collection.

Christina S.

The sword i ordered was a custom wakazashi. I was very hesitant to order it online but this was seriously a great experience. the sword is absolutely beautiful and fits exactly what I asked for. The blade was sharp, the engraving that I asked for was correct and looks great. Tony did a wonderful job keeping me updated while it was being made and when it was shipped. The only issue i had, had NOTHING to do with K.F.S. and everything to do with my local carrier. They were struggling to find my place of residence. However, when it arrived it was packaged really well. Thank you very much for making this a great experience. I will be ordering from this site again in the future and recommending this site to all my friends.

Stephen Tankersley

Katana arrived in under a month, which is incredible turnover for a custom one. Asked a couple questions while the katana was in transit and they replied the next day, their answers very helpful. 10/10 would reccomend

Anthony Doherty

Brilliant Katanas For Sale. I chose a design of their own and it is everything I hoped for. The red electroplating highlights the lines of the layerd steel giving the blade the look of abstract art. The handle carrys on with a red theme with the wrap over a brighter red ray skin and scabbard a blood red color. The eye for detail was evident with a red and black silk bag. For me this Tanto is a work of art. Looking forward to purchasing many more.


The sword arrived in the mail. I have to say I'm very impressed with what I got for what I paid (the ito was wrapped almost perfectly). Everything looks genuine with no cracks or flaws regarding the blade itself and the assembly is pretty sturdy. No rattling or noises, faily light and a good feel. The "high quality" copper fittings and saya aren't that impressive, as well as the sinthetic silk, but at this price range that was expected (and I frankly prefer that the larger portion of my money go to the blade itself).

I haven't tried to remove the tsuka or tameshigiri (yet).

Overall definitely worth my money. Consider me a happy customer!


I got my custom made katana and I just love it! KFS doesn't fool around when it comes to making good quality swords. The service is excellent. I can see why so many people say they had a good experience with this company. Thanks KFS!

Thomas G Rude

I decided to invest in a high quality Katana. I thought, if I am gonna collect or even own a Katana, I want it to be real, sharp, durable and attractive. The Katana I purchased took from the middle of Jan to arrive, but was well worth the wait. The Wooden handle is beautiful, its so sharp, I can shave with it. Very nicely done, it is a work of ART and I shall cherish it as long as I draw breath.

Mark M

First, this site was recommended. I am a practitioner and Japanese sword collector and I have never never had a katana made for myself until now. All I can say is wow , perfect, just perfect. Sword looks great. A plus. Excellent craftsmanship. I just opened it and already have compliments .


I Ordered a custom wakisashi from France Received with 4 month delay Quality seems good. A real one for sure

Anatoly Sinisky

This is my second blade manufactured by you. I am very pleased with the excellent work. In addition, I want to note the excellent service despite the situation. Thank you and wish you Peace in your country.

John Alexander

I ordered 3 custom blades with a lot of specifics. It took a while to get my order, but that was expected with all the specifications. Tony was extremely helpful in keeping me up to date on the order status until the order arrived. These are really great quality and I would definitely use their service again.

Alex Nelson

I have ordered four blades from Katanas for sale. A matched set of katana, wakizashi and tanto, and a ninjato. I have two more orders in process. The quality of the product is unmatched, especially compared to others at much higher prices. I could not be happier with my purchases. They will be proudly displayed in my home office. Very impressive. Thank you!

Petter Jahr

I have been pleasantly surprised at how nice my Katana is. I wanted a simple blade with decent metal and good look and for me its just perfect. I feel that I got good value for my money and though I was stressing out about shipping taking an eternity there was no problems when it did come. Container was still sealed! Would recommend to my friends

Dallas Holliday

I just received my sword and I wanted to let you and your team know that I am breath taken! My sword is absolutely amazing and beautiful. words can not describe how amazing it is. please tell the ones who made it that I am absolutely in love with my sword and I will definitely be doing business with you again. AMAZING

E’Marion Wright

Ducking awesome the sword is clean and the case, The wrap is pretty and the Guard and around the handle , The koi fish is pretty.

P. Busk

I received my sword in record time from the date I placed the order - 12 days! The sword I received was everything I hoped it would be - sharp, detailed and well-made. This sword is going to be the showpiece of my collection. Well worth the money. Thanks!

Carlton Taylor

The folded, 1095 , differentially (clay) hardened blade is beauriful and razor sharp and beautifully polished! The tauka was wrapped for a left handed user and i was promply sent a right handed replacement. The tsuka was loosely and improperly wrapped as per tradition, and fitment left a bit to be desired but i am crafty and was able to fix it but it took many hours and some homemade shims of copper. Its a beautiful blade!


When I unboxed my Sword, I understood, that there is a real thing in my hands. Weight, balance, everything... and the Sword was still in it's high quality silk bag. And when I saw the saya and finally the blade, I was surprised and very happy about the quality and feel! Highly recomend!

Kushan J

My custom built T10 folded clay tempered Katana arrived safely to my home in US. Make sure to order/build one with Hadori polish, that improves the folded/clay tempered patterns a lot. Without that those patterns are not clearly visible. Also pay attention to your Tsuba, it may appear nice but very difficult to hold your sword close to Tsuba due it's fine details hurting your hand. Overall it is an elegant piece of craftsmanship. I would love to order another from Tony again. Thanks Tony for the job well done!!

s coleman

Outstanding product, ordered a sword cane, beautiful quality, blade is immaculate, well oiled and sharp. I have always wanted a sword cane, Impressed and appreciate the good customer service and responsiveness! Decided to order a custom katana and can't wait for that to arrive!

Joe Vaccarino Jr

I am Very Happy with my purchase of a custom katana from Katanas for Sale. The sword met all my expirations and more. Feels great in the hands, beautifully crafted. As I requested the sword was sharpened to a very sharp edge. I could not be more happy, and will be ordering more swords from here in the future.


I received it quicker than I expected considering it was custom made for me and was coming from another country and it is BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you so much for the care you put into making it for me.

I am a collector of blades and it will have a prominent place in my collection.




I'm really impressed the construction of the custom katana I ordered. The blade is beautiful and strong, like a lotus flower

Paulo Sousa

Would like to thank everyone for the nice job handling my order.I send my order last November and it only arrived yesterday,it was send back by post office here in Spain and katanaforsale handled everything like true professionals, would like to highlight Tony from Katanaforsale, his job was the best and he never gave up sending me my sword. The sword is absolutely marvelous Looking forward for doing more business with you

Chris Burns

What a top notch experience purchasing my first sword! From the beginning I had a question as to whether or not my purchase would make it time for Christmas. Tony was in immediate contact with me via email and established that it would. The sword arrived in perfect condition! Looks just like the photos and is great craftsmanship and quality! I love this gift but the only problem is that I want to keep it for myself! I will have to order another one for me.

Lorrie Miller

I was excited to see my son’s sword arrive before Christmas. They worked with me to make sure it arrived before Christmas. The sword is beautiful! This is my first purchase from this company and it won’t be the last. Thank you for such quality craftsmanship.

Verified Customer

Custom Nagamaki was a masterpiece. I'm very grateful to the smiths and saya crafters.


I received my sword ,full satisfaction, thank you very much.

Regards Anatoly

David Debruyne

Overall, my experience with Katanas For Sale has been great! I had ordered a custom katana for a consequent amount of money (at least for me 😉 more than 600USD), and it was delivered promptly to me after being produced. Unfortunately, the katana had some issues (minor ones: habaki finish, tsuba default and fit) that prevented me from fully enjoying my purchase. I therefore contacted customer service, and Alex helped me through the entire process: I sent my katana back, was reimbursed for the full amount of shipping, and the katana was remade, and sent back to me. Now the katana I received is top-notch with a gorgeous blade, and all small defaults from the first I received are now absent! So all in all a great experience, even though having to wait double the time to enjoy my katana, but that was worth the wait for me, and I really appreciated Alex's cordiality, response rate and helpfulness: great customer service. Thank you Katanas For Sale!

Pierre Roux

I got to say, my experience purchasing a Katana from this team has been fantastic. From the moment I placed the item in the cart, to the moment I received the sword, everything has been perfect. I needed the sword pretty rapidly for a gift and the swordmaster and sale team went above and beyond to deliver the sword, 30 days BEFORE estimated delivery. How incredible is this? And as for the sword itself, it is magnificent. I will most certainly order more from Tony and his team.

Alex Nelson

I ordered a fully custom katana. It arrived very fast and it an absolute heirloom quality piece. I loved it so much, I ordered a matching waki and tanto. Thank you for the great product!

John Hopple

The wakizashi I received from katanasforsale.com instantly became the best blade in my collection. It's beautifully polished and folded, and the T10 steel has resisted scratches or edge damage from even quite severe wood cutting tests. It still glides through paper and has a beautiful finish. If you're doubting the quality of these blades think again! The handsome fittings, powerful cutting ability, and strong construction really impressed me.


Hi I live in Italy and I Bought a katana for my husband's birthday. He had wanted her for a long time. From the shop they were very helpful and fast. We are really happy with the purchase. Great customer care and the katana is wonderful. Thank you

Robert Williams

On different occasions I ordered a custom katana and wakizashi. Both are well crafted, arrived quickly and packaged with care. It was a lot of fun coming up with the custom designs (be sure to use the app) and it was very exciting waiting for them to arrive. They both turned out beautifully. I definitely would recommend KFS and will be buying again in the future when I'm ready for a tanto.


Very impressive, the sword was perfect and delivered as what ive ordered. Ill definitely order again...

Austin Cole

Katanas for sale know what they are doing when it comes to custom battle ready katanas. I just got my beautiful work of art in the mail and I am highly satisfied. I definitely recommend this website if you are looking for a reasonably priced quality katana.

Shane Brown

I love the product and the people are amazing. I’ve never had perfection with my experiences. If the world had detail like this we would all be happier with life. Thank you so much from all. Amazing.

Sakhr Al-Hendawi, UAE

I was so happy receiving my custom Katana, and I LOVE it. This is my first time touching a real sword and didn't know what to expect, heck... I didn't even expect it will be delivered to my country (UAE), but I decided to take the risk and order. I didn't want to take a big risk just in case there were delivery issues, so I ordered the 1060 Carbon Steel (ultra sharpened) without any extras. The shipping packaging is very protective, and the finish of the sword is beautiful, and the sword itself is very beautiful. Now that I "received" this and I love it so much, I'll plan to get myself another T10 Folded Clay Tempered in the near future.

Logan White

The shipping was quick, the blade was in great shape, it was sharp. Customer Service was quick to respond! Will definitely recommend to others, and I will be returning!

Phil Robinson

Recently received my first Katana from these guys, fantastic service, excellent quality and craftsmanship. The after sales support was second to none particularly from Tony and Alex. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a quality product for a sensible price.


Sword took a while to get here, but was well worth the quality and attention to detail. Would definitely buy from them again.


The craftsmanship is superb!


I just wanted to let you know that my new katana came in today. And it absolutely exceeded my expectations. The sword is absolutely beautiful. All the brass pieces match perfectly. The blade is beautiful and sharp. And the craftsmanship on the leather handle is flawless. Proud to add it to my collection. Thanks again for making my first custom katana purchase as smooth as possible

Ionut Petrehus

I've ordered a Custom Katana and Custom Wakizashi and with all this corona situation around the world, the Team from Katanas for Sale did a very good job. I live in Romania and both Katana and Wakizashi arrived at me in perfect condition. The metal work on every part is very delightful and the details are amazing. Really good craftsmanship! As for the support part, Tony was really helpful with the questions that I had and he responded very fast to my emails taken into consideration that I live on the other side of the planet :). The order was completed in aprox. 1 month and I received it in about 1 week and a half, but this due to my country's customs procedures. In short, Very good Price/Quality swords, exceptional finishes for all the parts! I would recommend to everyone that wants a good quality Japanese sword for the price they pay. Great work guys and thank you!

Nocturnal Wind

Very well done, met all the details of my custom request.

Wayne Baird

Good, swords took a month to make but got here in a week. Beautiful blades Getting a sword cane from you guys soon

Nichelexious Cabrera

I received my first Katana from Katanasforsale. It was lovely. I love it! I can see the finesse and how it was masterfully done. Excellent craftsmanship and easy to transact with. Surely will continue to order high quality Katanas for my collection. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much.

Chase Clarke

Ordene katanas personalizadas para mis padrinos de boday no puedo estar mas feliz con el resultado y con mi experiencia en esta compañía. Tony me ayudó mucho en la selección individual de piezas para las 4 espadas y fue muy paciente conmigo. Recibí las 4 a la puerta de mi casa en Arizona en unas pocas semanas después de ordenar. Están increíblemente bien hechas y fueron un regalo realmente único para mis padrinos de bodas. Gracias de nuevo Tony. Ya te recomendé a algunos de mis invitados.

Tarik Mubassir

I've searched many years in purchasing the perfect Katana, one that truly feels like a natural part of me, in body, mind, and soul. I was very apprehensive at first whether such a thing even existed, let alone at a fair price. Allow me to quell any doubts you may have in purchasing from "KATANASFORSALE.COM", you will get far more than you what bargained for. Before placing your order, know what you want first. They will give you the holy matrimony between a work of art and a lethal weapon. Specify in the notes section your exact thoughts, because they do not discourage being picky. Tony understands how personal a sword is, and he will work with you to get you what you want. Believe me when I say that their craftsmanship is cutting edge.

Chadd Grimm

The standard Nodachi with the iron square tsuba is one of my favorites. I needed something that I can train with and this more than does the job. It's more than well made and the wrapping on the handle doesn't move at all like other sword brands. My thanks to Tony and his staff for making such a beautiful and deadly piece of art.

Dev Gonz

I did my first order during Chinese New Year and the pandemic. My sword arrived VERY quickly, and Alex was VERY speedy with email communications, from helping me decide which sword was right for me, to helping me track my order. My Chinese Straight Sword arrived the day it was projected to arrive. It's a magnificent and flawless piece of art, with great craftsmanship and perfect balance, well made, sleek and sturdy. The photos on the website are nice, but I was blown away by how beautiful my sword is, in real life. Its somply beautiful. My experience is 100% POSITIVE, 10 out of 10, with full recommendations.

B. Welch

The quality of the sword which came surpassed my expectations. It's a beautiful work of art. There was an issue with shipping, which was the shipping company's fault, and Katanas For Sale rectified it. This is a great company; if you're looking to get a sword, purchase it here.