Japanese Bows- Martial Art of Archery

Japanese Bows- Martial Art of Archery Yumi is the Japanese term use for traditional asymmetrical Japanese bows. There are different kinds of bows and each of these has a specific purpose. Shorter bows were used to practice Kyudo and Kyujutsu or Japanese archery. This was an important weapon used by Samurai warriors during feudal Japan. […]

Japanese Bayonet

Japanese Bayonet History Bayonets are derived from the French word Baionette which means a knife or sword shape weapon. This weapon also doubles up as a spear. The Japanese, German and Italian armies all have their separate interpretations of bayonets. However, one thing is common and that is that each of their versions have a […]

Japanese Arrows – Arrowhead Pride

Japanese Arrows – Arrowhead Pride Japanese Arrows are better known simply as Ya. These are arrows used in Kyudo or Japanese archery. These are the same Japanese arrowheads used by Samurai during Feudal Japan. Japanese arrows are a few meters longer than its Western counterpart. This is because Japanese bows are drawn in greater length […]

Japanese Machine Guns – Japanese Firepower

Japanese Machine Guns – Japanese Firepower Japanese machine guns are known as Kikan Jyu. Japan import Gatling guns from the U.S. in 1867. Gatling guns have multiple barrels that can fire volleys of bullets in rapid succession. They use these guns during the Civil Wars of 1868 and 1872.  Japan also imported Maxim guns in […]

Japanese Militaria – War Collectibles

Japanese Militaria- War Collectibles Militaria are defined as artifacts which are either use or manufactured for the military and police. Japanese Militaria are collected because of its historical significance. These are not limited to firearms and swords alone but, also include other equipment use during the war. These are not just weapons alone but, also […]

Japanese Military Swords

Japanese Military Swords – Slashing Weapon Mastery Japan has a rich history when it comes to the use of swords. It was said that history shows that as early as 300 B.C., the people of Japan fought using straight blade swords. These swords were spiritual symbols of the Samurai. A Japanese sword is defined by […]

Japanese Rifles – Key Weapons

Japanese Rifles – Key Weapons Antique firearm is the term used in describing a firearm that was designed and manufactured in the early part of the 20th century. Although countries have different descriptions of what an antique firearm are. Japanese rifles were collected because of their historical relevance. Some collect and resell these. Japan was […]

Japanese Spears and Polearms- Long Bladed Weapons

Japanese Spears and Polearms – Long Bladed Weapons Japanese long bladed weapons played an important role during the war. Spears and other long bladed weapons such as Japanese polearms are known as Yari. Yari is the term used for traditionally made Japanese blades that are in the form of a straight headed spear. There is […]

Japanese Guns – Throughout History

Japanese Guns – Throughout History Japan is known for using different kinds of weapons but, as a nation it was not famous for its firearms. The use of swords and similar handmade weapons were prevalent. This was sufficient for all intents and purposes when it comes to military warfare. It was in the 13th century […]